July 31, 2021

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Loretta. Episode 9

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(episode 9)



We went downstairs to meet Daniel

Daniel: woa, Loretta you look beautiful

Me: thank you very much

Victoria: what about me?

Daniel: you look beautiful too

Victoria: thank you

Daniel: now let go

We left the house went to the beach, 

it was fun all through we played,

 we ate ice cream and cake,

 I really enjoyed myself, but one thing was bothering me, whenever Daniel looks at me, 

he will be licking his lips I don’t really know what is wrong with him. 

We came back past 8 in the night and then we went straight to our room without eating our dinner.

 For the first three months I stayed with Victoria, 

her parent only came once and since then they have not come back to see how their children is leaving, they only send money. 

Everything was going on fine, Victoria’s parent loves me so much, 

whenever they called they must speak with me also, they hired a private teacher for me and Victoria to prepare us for the Jamb exam,

 Victoria was not taking her study seriously again because whenever her boyfriend comes,

 she will go out with her boyfriend then I will be the only one that the teacher will teach, 

sometimes they go into the room and start doing their eight hours S*x,

 sometimes I do wonder if this relationship is all about s*x and they do it as if their life depends on it,

 and her brother is not stopping her from doing it. 

One Sunday evening something happened, when we came back from church

Victoria: em Loretta, my boyfriend is coming today and he is spending the night here, so two of us need to go and arrange the guest room so that you can pack your things there,

Me: why?

Victoria: because I don’t want to disturb you at night again

Me: yea you guys really disturbed me that night I couldn’t even sleep

We went together and arrange the room then pack my things to the guest room. 

I started staying in the guest room, Victoria started avoiding class from five days to three days and one day a week then to no class, 

all she does is going out with her boyfriend, I tried advising her

Me: Victoria, you are my friend and I will not see you destroying your life and I allow you do it, please my friend reduce this your everyday outing and study please

Victoria: what are you trying to say, that I should stop going out with my boyfriend because you want me to study?

Me: please stop shouting that is not what I mean

Victoria: what do you mean?

Me: am not saying you shouldn’t go out with your boyfriend, all am saying is, you should limit the way you like going out, see jamb form will be out by next month and you are not well prepare for the exam, please my friend let us study together so that we can make it together

Victoria: so if I don’t study with you, you can’t study alone, I know that jamb form will soon be out and I will buy the form and write the exam and have the highest grade

Me: how will you archive that when you don’t study?

Victoria: Loretta, mind your business, how is your business if I study or not, are you my parent?

Me: Victoria please listen to me if nobody is advising you, you should advise yourself, that guy that you are sleeping around with is even your husband yet and beside you are still young to be doing all this things, just look at me, I have never sleep with anybody before, as a matter of fact am still a virgin but am not dying, if you stop having s*x my dear friend you will not die, if you continue sleeping with him, one day he will start taking you for granted, he think that you are so cheap and he might dump you and you will be………………….

Victoria: hold it there, who do you think you are to advise me on how to live my life, see I don’t want to hear it again because I have had enough of you, and now leave my room before I do something terrible leave!

Me: are you telling me to leave your room?

Victoria: I guess there’s nothing wrong with your ears, I said, get out of my room this minute before I 

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