July 22, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 61

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. 



Episode 61




I look into his face pathetically. I knew it was only a lie. I never liked him. He’s handsome but he’s not my type. 


Someone like the boss is someone that I could give a chance in my heart. As stubborn as he is ,he still wants his brother to be happy. 


If he is after the happiness of his brother ,then I’m certain that he is not a type that wouldn’t care if his girlfriend or wife is sad.  


The boss’s brother was so happy. I do not know long we would pretend to be in love. 


I know for sure that he loves me but why I never loved him back remains a mystery to me ,though. 


Well ,maybe he did not really love me and he’s just confused …or probably have an infatuation towards me. Or lusting after me cause of my beauty. 


Anyways , agreeing with him that I love him has two purpose: To put the boss into jealous and to text if he really loves me. 


Cause I’m pretty sure that time will text the genuine status  of love  in any relationship.


“Thanks.” He smiled so happily. “Thanks so much.” 


I nodded and we stood after a while ,he led me to his car and drove me back to the office. 


We were about ten minutes late. 


“Sorry ,I brought you here late . I’ll call my brother and explain to him.” He said 


“Not necessary ,since he knows you took me out. He should understand. ” 


“Oh ! Fine.” 


I opened the door to step down and he called: “Rachael!” 


I turned to him and peek into his face. 


“I love you. ” 


I sat very well while looking into his face.


“I love you too ” I lied. 


He nodded and kept looking at my face. He brought his face close  to mine and I blinked my face. 


Gosh! He’s about to kiss me. So soon? 


How in the world do people kiss people they do not love. I’ve never kissed before and I do not think I can allow someone that I do not love to deflower my lips. 


“I do not think we should be doing this.” I said when his lips almost reached mine. 


My head remained still. 


“Oh…” His mouth dropped. 


“Yeah, I think it’s too early.” 


He nodded.


“Bye ,sir ” I said and stepped down from his car.

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