June 12, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 12

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???? $ix Days With A Bad Girl????

Written by Feathers.

Episode 12

(You killed me)

Romeo’s POV

I’m starting to enjoy Julie’s company, she’s just a free spirit but troublesome at times. I
Let me just say I like her but not to ‘like’ the way you’re thinking of .

Her character used to annoy me but now it amazes me . I use to be a workaholic and my mom used to complain about it but Julie changed me.

She used to distract me from doing my work and it really worked because I’m no longer keeping my self busy. I know I’ve just spend about two days with her but I’m already seeing some changes.

Last night she went to bed with an angry face and I’m so proud of myself because I succeeded on taking my revenge.

She thought she was clever enough to trick me but she failed, such a dullard.

“Good morning Romeo,” she said knocking on my door.

“Why can’t you come in,” I said still in my blanket because the weather was a bit cold and I was not going to any meeting.

“I just came here to tell you that the food is ready,” she replied still outside and I so surprised.

She was really angry at me when she went to sleep and now she’s acting as if nothing happened…

“okay I’ll be there soon ,” I said and went to brush my teeth.

I sluggishly walked downstairs and met her setting the table with a beautiful smile.

“Hmmmm somebody is in good mood,”

“Mmm maybe,” she said and gestured me to sit on a chair opposite to her .

“Enjoy your meal,” she said handling me a plate of egg potato boats and pancakes.

“Thank you,” I said smiling and started munching on my food like a hungry lion .

“You’re a good cook indeed,” I complimented.

“Yeah , my mom taught me,”

“And you’re going to be my teacher right,” I said sarcastically and she laughed.

My skin started itching, even inside of my ears and I started scratching myself.

“What’s wrong Rommy?” She asked with a worried face and my stomach started aching .

I started coughing out blood and I was feeling drained.

Julie quickly called the ambulance and started crying.

“Tell me what’s wrong please,” she pleaded.

“You killed me,” I said and lights went off me .

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