June 10, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 11

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????????????Episode 11????????????

But why must you be running away from her? She is crazy about you?” Luke asked his friend who was riffling through a book on the bed in order to complete his assignment.
He just looked up to him with out saying a word.

Moreover, he continued when he was pretty sure he wouldn’t hear a word from him.

“Man wullup , its time to go for what you want. Stop being shy”

“You won’t understand, ” that was Harry speaking.

He searched his bag and said simultaneously as he brought out more books from it.

“It seems you don’t get it . Owen called me a poor hopeless thing before her. And that is definitely enough reasons for her to look down on me”

“Was she the one that called you that?” Luke asked

“No” he murmured

“Then why concluding that she will look down on you when you have not even given her a try?”

There was no reply from Harry so he continued

“Just walk up to her and tell her your feelings for her before it becomes too late”

“And you think its as easy as you said it?”

“Aha. Or did you need special lectures for that?” Luke teased.

And like a flash, he got a book on his fore-head thrown by Harry

“Must you always be mischievous?” Harry asked playfully

“Aww!” he groaned “Okay fine! Since you don’t like her, i guess i should go for her then” Luke blurted before walking out the room to get dinner.

Immediately, Harry’s heart began to beat faster and faster. He knew what his friend is capable of. He has many girlfriends and a surprising thing is that he rarely spend on any, instead most of them spends on him. He has that kind talent and skill to approach a lady courageously and make her fall for him instantly with his eloquent speech.

Harry was afraid of looseing her to his friend although he knew quite well he don’t have her yet. So to prevent such, some thing need to be done ASAP.

Was he not the one that talked to her when she was crying behind the department of sociology fence? Was he not the one that wipe her tears with his handkerchief? And was he not the one that crossed his hand around her shoulder to comfort her?

How then could he became timid and shy all over sudden. At the thought of all these, he began to make plans on making her his.
That night, he couldn’t sleep he was just at an angle of the bed thinking so hard.

Each time he close his eyes to sleep, he see’s Mirabell’s beautiful face and then the thought of Luke snatching her away will just hijack the sleep.

After a while , he checked the time on the wall clock , it was 3:34 am
yet no sleep.


Same with Mirabell she was just sitting on her bed with her back resting on the wall. She lifted up her eyes to the wall clock and the time was 3:34am and her brother hadn’t returned yet.

So many thought kept playing around her mind to the possible reasons why he was yet to return home. Although he had called assuring them that he is okay but then, its not her fault if she kept worrying.

Moreso adding to the fact that she really want to discuss with him some thing very important. Some thing which could make her heart jump in merriment and excitement.


Felix woke up the next morning and His neck ached badly. As He tried getting up, he realized that he dozed off sitting on the stool with his head placed on the lady’s hand on the bed.

When finally, he raised his head up , he found the lady staring up the ceiling. Tears were flowing from her eyes down to the bed. He couldn’t believe that she is finally awake.

“Glory be to God you made it.!” He exclaimed being unable to hide his happiness.

But then, the lady didn’t respond. She just took a glance at him and refocused on the ceiling. His heart became heavy seeing her cry. Although he don’t really know who she is but he felt her problem within himself and he felt like crying with her.

“Please dear stop crying. The Doctor said you will soon be fine” .
He said in order to make her quit crying and to assure her of an affirmative hope not knowing that her problem was far more than what he thought.

She didn’t even bother to take a second glance at him. Her eyes was glued to the ceiling as she wept and that was making him go crazy

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