August 3, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 12

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❤????????THE POWER OF LOVE????????❤
????????????Episode 12????????????

“I wouldn’t know what my fate will be if certainly you didn’t make it”
Felix said putting another spoon filled with rice into her mouth.

“By all odds, i don’t think i would live in peace having my conscience bothering me. I am sure you would be hijacking all my thoughts” This he said again having the spoon filled with food again waiting for an opportunity to go through her mouth.

All through he talked, she just kept staring at him with out saying a single word.

To fact it all, she hadn’t spoken even a single word to him. All she did after crying was just to stare and nod at any relevant question needed to be answered.

After the spoon had gone into her mouth again, he asked “but then, what were you thinking that made you run into the road like that? Don’t you know its ill nurtured to do so?”

That moment he dropped the question, the tears which seemed to have ceased flowing some minutes ago started again.
He regretted asking her that question so he quickly cleaned off those tears with his hand.

“Its ok if you are not ready to talk about it yet . Please don’t cry. You are too pretty to be crying like this?” He pleaded but too bad, she wouldn’t listen and that was definitely the end of the meal because she lost appetite immediately.


When Harry was fully prepared for school, he couldn’t see Luke neither did he see his assignment which he had left on the study table. He was dismayed as he searched all around for it.
He dialed Luke’s number but it was switched off.

He need to submit that assignment that very day to avoid having issues with his lecturer.
He rushed to the school immediately in search of Luke going straight to his department, he sighted him standing and talking with Mirabell.

“So he really meant his word?” He asked himself without an answer.

His heart became very heavy and sorrowful.
As he saw them talking and smiling Luke has numerous girl friends, why would he still have an eye on his crush? He felt the urge to walk up there and shout at him but no. That will be a stupid act.
She will end up hating him , he thought .

He kept his face down and walked away.

Luke saw him as he walked away from a distance so he smile at himself.

He was gradually achieving his aim although its seems he is betraying his friend.

“Okay I will be there at the right time. Let me be going before I start falling for your smile” Mirabell snapped at him

“Isn’t it a good thing if you fall for me?” He grinned

“No, i might end up with a scratch and I’m pretty sure you have no bandage with you to tend to the injury” She said before walking away

“You are such a funny girl. See you later” He said turning around to his own direction.


It’s remain an hour for Harry’s lecture and he was yet to find his assignment.

He was walking up and down the Car park in delimma of the problem to tackle first.

Either the case of his missing assignment or Luke trying to pair up with Mirabell.

He knew quite well that Mirabell will always end up being heart broken if she accepts him because his friend is not one lady’s man.

Just then , the ringing of his phone drew him back to perceptibility. He checked the caller and it was Luke.
Without a waste of time, he put through the call almost immediately.

“Hello , my man what’s up?” Luke asked jovially as he always is.

“Where have you been since morning and why is your phone switched off all along?” He asked

“I have been with Mirabell and I don’t want my phone to distract my moment with her that is why I have to turn it off” Luke replied.

His words hit Harry like a stone and it got his heart broken. His face boiled up with anger as hot tears clouded his cute eyes.
He knew he was going to say abusing words which he would later regret so to avoid it, he quickly ended the call and cleaned his eyes with the back of his hand before it fell off.

He was beginning to hate Luke just like he hates Owen.

. .

To be continued..

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