August 2, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 1

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The V Stripper. Episode 2

The V Stripper.

Written by O.S Feathers.

Episode 1

Some people say life is fair but to me , No. Life is worst.

Hey! Before you judge me ,hear my story out first.


11:29 PM.

The club was lightened in beautiful colors and I’m right here stripping and attracting men by dancing before the pole before me.

I was putting on a translucent cloth and few tall huge men rally around me watching my act.

One of them stepped forward and signalled for me to come over to which I did , he opened my cloth and placed money on it.

“What! Man ,how much you put there?” One the men standing ask.

“You’ve got half of it ,I guess.”he replied. ” 900 dollar”

“Just cause of 900 dollar ,you open her cloth. fool!” He cursed the man that placed money inside and pushed him away.

He brought out a sum of money and counted it before the man he pushed away. The money was 3000 dollar.

“How come you don’t know man like Scott dominates everywhere ” Scott said and people around laughed.

It’s obvious people know him to be one rich mogul ,he threw the three thousand dollar at me to my surprise.

The man that had first dropped 900 dollar in my cloth walked away shamefully.

Scott kept looking at me while I continue dancing. There is something special about him that I can not seem to place.

His look are so firm and beautiful. He’s charming and although ,he doesn’t smile…he looks pretty handsome.

I can’t stop stealing glances at him with a side of my eye.

“Come down , gon’ pay you extra three thousand dollar .” He said and my heart beat fearfully.

I had always tried to avoid stuffs like this cause I do not want to loose my flower to just any man.

I knew with this kind of job I do ,that might just be a fantasy that would never happen.

I stepped down from the pole and walked to him. He walked away while I followed him.

We both entered a room and he went to a side of the bed.

“Sir!” I tried to call when I realize that he is so tough ,he might not listen to any more word from me again but …

“You called me !” He turned to me.

“I’m flowered.” I said and he smirked.

“I love flowers. Common girl!” He commanded.

The V Stripper. Episode 2

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