July 25, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 2

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The V Stripper. 



Written by O.S Feathers 



Episode 2




I walked to her naked and pushed her to the bed. She lay there flat. 


“Don’t tell me you did not know what to do?” I said and and see began to sluggishly pull off her clothes. 


“What in the world is wrong with you? What’s so special about being a flower. If you do not want to get f —-k ,why coming to strip?” 


“I never intended to sir ,situation of things out me into it ” she said and I stood still for a while. 


I sat on the bed and my verve to f–k suddenly evaporated. 


I sighed angrily and touched my manhood but noticed it was flat. 


“Fine ,what happened ?” I asked and she sat at a sitting position. 


“I loose myself anytime I narrate it sir. I do not think I’m in the right mood to narrate it.” 


“Then you must be crazy!” I bursted our angrily. “Seriously crazy? Like what the f—k . ” 


I climbed her and tored he clothes into pieces. I removed her p@n-ties and found out the b—–ch was even on menstruation. 


“goddamn it! ” I cursed as I stood. 


“I will be the one to take your flower still.” I said and stood few distance away from her ,pacing to and fro.


“You were about to rape me sir?” She said. 


“Oh! Really?” 


“Yes ,and it might land you to jail.” 


“Oh! Really?” 


“Yes , but I can let you have it freely. ” 


“Oh! Really?” I kept repeating those words cause I’m really getting pissed at her. 


“Sure ,you pay me 50,000 dollar and I let you have my flower.” 


“Oh! Fine. I’ll only pay you after I’d taken your flower. ” I said. 


“It’s alright by me. ” She said.

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