July 25, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 3

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The V Stripper. 



Episode 3.



^ Jenny ^ 


I’m so happy he agreed. I knew he might plan not to give me the money after he had taken my flower but I already have a plan of setting him up if he refused to fulfil his own part of the deal. 


I needed the money seriously for myself and for my little sister. I’m at the edge of loosing where I’m living cause I couldn’t pay rent. 


I knew I would loose my flower someday but I really want something in return from anyone that would take it. 


He had driven me to his house and had decided to wait for another five days..


I had told him I would be done with my menstruation after five days. 


As soon as we arrive in his house. He walked me inside and showed me the room I would be staying for the main time. 


I was glad cause the room was beautiful but I will miss my younger sister. She would be the only one at home now. 


I picked my phone and put a call across to her and she picked it at the third ring. 


“Jenny” She called before I could even speak. 


“Not coming for the next five days!” I broke the sad news to her. 


“What!” She exclaimed. “How in the world will I Cope? Sister why?” 


“I’m sorry ,but what I’m doing is for the betterment of the both of us. You know our stupid bald headed landlord kept making life hell of a love my for us over there 


I need to really source for money ,if anything arises that requires me to know ,please do not hesitate to call me and I promise to call you often too ” 


“I will miss you.” 


“Same here dear. Be fine.” I hang up. 


“You’ve got a sister?” I looked to the direction of the voice that spoke and it was Scott standing at the entrance of my room. 




“Oh! Amazing! So…you needed the money to foot your rent bill ?” He asked. 


“And for my sister’s health too ” I added. 


“Oh! Don’t you think 50 thousand dollar is too much?”


“That’s the amount I want sir.” 


He giggled and walked to my side. He began to unhook my shirt. 


“What are you doing sir!” 


“We can’t f—k yet but we can smo–och right?” He asked and I sighed. 


He removed my b-ra and and brought my b—-st out. He placed the ni-Pples inside his mouth and began to suck it while I m0an softly. 


His mouth really tastes good on it and I really want him to continue. I began to get h0rny and hope that he would not stop. 


He stopped abruptly and smirked. He walked away and I felt like holding unto him to stay.


It feels so good and I didn’t want him to stop ,at least not so soon. 


I bite my lips painfully cause I was still seriously h0rny.

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