June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 133

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He And Her V.

Episode 133


Fear engulfed me on hearing that Grace is in the hospital. How in the world did Grace get to find out where the hotel is.

I picked up my car key and hurriedly ran to my car. I drove as fast as I can to the hotel.

I was really disturbed and scared of what could be happening to my dear Camilla.

If Grace can kill an innocent doctor , If she can kill Sam Don. No, I can never trust her not to hurt Camilla.

On arriving at the hotel ,I saw crowds of people gathering around a room.

Blue thick smoke was coming out from the room.

Isn’t this the room that Camilla and my baby are?

I ran inside the hotel and and met few workers at the receptionist office.

“I’m Mr…., Where is my wife ? ” They were all staring at me trying to make a meaning of what I was saying but I ignored them and ran anxiously to where the room is located.

On getting there ,I saw two men trying to force the door that Camilla is open.

Jeez! I ran to those men.

“My wife is inside! ” I said . “And my baby.”

“Please ,let us do our work…” One of the men replied and continued working on the door.

I placed my two hands on my head and began to cry on the inside of me. Tears were not streaming down my face but I was seriously broken on the inside.


Forty Minutes ago.

I saw my baby gasping for breath and I was finding it really hard to breathe myself. I switched on the torch on my phone and searched around the room looking for another escape route apart from the door.

I went to the bathroom ,then the toilet and at the toilet ,I saw a a particular ceiling that was different in color and texture from the rest.

I climbed the sink at the toilet and tried to shift the ceiling and I could.

Great! I shifted the ceiling to the left side leaving a space of entry.

I hurriedly ran inside the room and carried my baby. I went to the toilet and climbed the sink …I wanted to place the baby inside the ceiling first but I’m really scared of what may be awaiting us inside the ceiling.

At the other hand ,I thought that those that put an escape route here must have had a plan for that.

While I was trying to put my baby inside the ceiling ,the slippery sink made my leg slip and I fell to the floor.

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8 thoughts on “He And Her V. Episode 133

  1. No.. not grace o is tucker..
    Tucker is foolish, y would he go ahead 2 tell grace Camilla gave birth ,
    And yes! He said he wanted to see her reaction, can’t he use the opposite (Camilla loss the baby) to see her so called reaction??
    Who cares what Grace thinks.. Gosh.. I’m so mad right now, I expected Tucker to be smarter than this he’s too foolish and softhearted, things do work on him easily.. Kaii if anything should happen to Camilla and her baby I have Tucker to blame 4 it????

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