August 6, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 4

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 4.


I had sneaked back inside the room that I was given to stay in the palace but I was really disturbed.

I can’t wait for the day to break fully so I can challenge prince Dae so on why he wants my family in the palace?

Do he perhaps have any job for them? I need to let him know that they are not interested.

The day finally breaks and I bathed and dressed. I walked to his chamber and the two guards at the entrance crossed their Spears meaning I can’t enter.

“Let me in.” I said and one of them shook their head.

“I’m his personal maid. Let me in. ” I said .

“It’s still early ,prince Dae So is meditating. ” One of them said and I looked away.

“When will he be done meditating?” I asked.

“Who’s requesting to see me?” I heard him ask from inside.

“The new maid , my Lord.” One of the guards replied.

“Let her in.” He ordered and I was granted the access to walk in.

“It’s still early ,I expect you to be in your bed sleeping by now.” He said while maintaining a meditating position.

“I wasn’t aware that you meditate early in the mornings. I will come back ” I gave a slight bow and turned.

“What have you come for?”

I turned to him and sighed. “Why have you requested for the presence of my mother and my sister at the palace?”

“How did you find out? ”

“Rumours!” I answered.

“Rumours? Or she find a way of sending a message to you or you probably…sneak out of the palace? ”

“My family is equally important to me as my life. Answer my question ,please?” I requested sternly and he smirked.

“Your mother use to be in the palace many years back before she decide to leave for god knows why ”

“So? Is that an enough reason to want to bring her to the palace?”

“Well, She has to be here so I can always leverage on her as your weakness.” He said.

“I do not understand what you meant but I need to tell you this; my siblings are not coming to the palace. ” I said sternly and looked to his facial expression.

“Guards!” He called angrily and the two guards at the entrance showed up at that second.

“Who are you to question my order? I’m not a prince that you should be rude too. ” He said to me strongly and face the guards. “Flog her….give her 36 strokes. ”

The guards bundled me and I shouted:
“My parents are not coming to the palace ,get that into your head wicked prince Dae So.”

“What!” He yelled angrily. “Give her 72 strokes instead ”

“Okay ,my Lord.” One of the guard replied as they carried me out to torture.

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