July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 62

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Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 63
Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 61

Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 62


I waked inside the building , walked upstairs to where the office is and entered. I went straight to my sit without saying a word.

“You came late!” He accused me.

“Of course, you persuaded me to follow your brother and he caused it. You can call him?”

He stood and walked to my desk.

“I do not have to call him. Now tell me ,what were you doing at the restaurant for good forty minutes?”

I picked the files that was on the left side of my desk and began to open it in search of a particular date.

He snatched the file from me and yelled: “I’m talking to you ,nincompoop.”

“Call him and ask him still?” I responded and booted my laptop.

I noticed he was angry at my response.

He closed the laptop and I was forced to peek inside his face.

“I’m suppose to be working at a time like this.”

“Not when I’m speaking to you, alright?”

“Fine. I’m listening?”

“Good. I ask what you were doing with my brother for good forty minutes ”

“Oh…that? Well, he started by telling me how much he loves me ,he said he wanted me to love him back.”


“I thought for while and agreed to his proposal ,I told him that I love him”.

“You told him that you what?” He yelled angrily as he stood.

He went to his desk and began to hit his hand on the desk.

“Why in the world would you say that!” He yelled.

“Cause I love him, Sir.”

“Why would you love him, why?” He shouted so hard that he began to cough.

“Didn’t you want me to make your brother happy ? I just made him happy.”

“Ouch! Gosh! Gosh! Gosh!” He cried loudly without tears.

A security man planted a knock at that moment and he looked into my face probably wondering what the security men had come for.

He walked to the entrance and opened the door.

“Is anything wrong sir?” We heard your shout from downstairs.” The security man asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I’m fine. ” He said and closed the door.

He sighed and leaned in the door with his eyes closed.

“I feel hurt ,I feel pained. Did you know why?”

“Well ,maybe the food you ate this morning contained a pin. So after eating it ,the pin in the food began to hurt and cause you pain.”

He looked at me surprisingly “Fool?”

“I’m hurt. why? Why? ” He kept asking himself.

“I’m not done with what we did at the restaurant.”

“What else did you do? ”

“After I agreed. He looked into my face and I kept staring into his face too. We kept exchanging glances and our faces start to draw closer to each other.” I paused.

I could see his eye blinking faster. He was imagining weird things , I know.

“Then, what happened?”

“We kissed.”

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