August 1, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 15

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????Six days with a bad girl????

Written by Feathers

Romeo’s POV

“Why the hugging though ,I’m just getting better ” I said and she disengage.

She looked into my face like someone that wanted to cry but I looked away.

“I’m glad you didn’t kill me ” I said and she furrowed her brow and sat beside ms.

“Never meant to..I was only…” she wanted to say but I interrupted her

“It’s cool, doctor explained everything for me already”

She sat without saying a word. After a while , the doctor discharge me and I went home together with Juliet.

She wasn’t saying a word even when we were inside the car , I was wondering why? Because the Juliet I know is just so stubborn and could do just anything silly.

I stepped down from the car and leaned by my car without moving inside.

She stepped down also , wanted to move inside but realized that I stood still by my car and she turned at me.

“Why won’t you go inside?” She asked and I sighed.

“Why are you moody?” I asked and she just looked away.

“I’m sorry for trying to kill you” She pleaded.

“When and how did you suddenly change though?”

“When I started loving you” She said and lowered my head.

“Love!” I repeated and chuckled

“You mean you love an ugly person that you had referred me as? I teased and she just maintained a lowered head.

” Anyways , I don’t love and more so , you are just an ordinary six days mission girl…fall out if love my dear ” I said and walked inside.

Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 16
Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 13

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