August 5, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 16

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???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 16

Juliet’s POV

An ordinary…me! Ordinary! That word hurts me so bad that U felt so worthless

I stood still ashamed of myself , I shouldn’t have being too quick to tell him that I love him and why will I even find myself loving him.

He is really beautiful for real and I liked him so much. He’s proud but I still love him.

He said I should fall out of love…does that implies that he may never love me.

This is so sad right now?maybe because of what I had done for him or he’s a gay and he’s hiding it.

What if I apologize for what I had done ,would be perhaps forgive me…but if he forgives me , will he love me, I doubt it.

Someone that has never being in love neither did he see any reason to be one.

I walked inside still feeling bad but I decided to hide my feelings and first found out if he us a gay or not.

I entered my room and fell to the bed to sleep. Has he even eating? I need to cook for him.

I stood and went to the kitchen , I cooked for dew minutes after which I served it at the table.

I went to his room to inform him that his food is ready.

“Huh? You really think I will eat your food again after what happened the last time ”

“But it isn’t my fault. I never knew you had ulcer , please just eat ” I said and he just smirked.

“I can’t eat your food. Thanks. I ordered for one already ” He said and that hurts so bad.

He will never stop hurting me? I wanted to turn to leave but I decided to put the question I had being meaning to ask to him.

“Are you a gay?” I asked.

His face dropped as if the question I asked was stupid to him.

“Answer me , please. I know you may not want to disclose it to anyone , just tell me, promise to keep it secret ” I further tried to persuade him.

“Yes” He replied.

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