July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 13

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????????????THE POWER OF LOVE ????????????
❤️????????Episode 13????????❤️

Few seconds later, his phone rang again and it was the same caller so he ignored it.

After it rang the third time, he finally picked it up and started screaming at the phone as if it is the phone that had offended him.

“Look if you don’t having any thing meaningful to say, quit calling me!”

“Why are you being so angry? I thought you …”

“Luke just cut the call or i do it my self”

“Okay. I am sure you must by now be looking for your assignment . Just come over to Barry’s lucrative hall and take it” Luke said

“How dare you set your hands on my book? Did you know the extent i have gone in searching for that book?” Harry asked.

But the call went dead before he could finish that statement. Without a waste of time, he headed towards the destination Luke has mentioned. And like a flash, he got there instantly.

There, Luke was standing at the entrance with a banquet of rose flower.

“Why did you have to take my assignment?” Harry thundered looking furious

“Mhen! Keep your voice down. I mistakenly mistook it for mine.”
Luke replied

“Where is it? Can i have it now?” He requested without an atom of humor on his face.

“Just go in there and take it at the right table” Then he handed the flower over to him and continued

“Don’t forget to act so nice and romantic.”

Then with that, he walked away with out looking behind.

Harry was filled with immense surprises.

He couldn’t figure out what the flower was to be used for and the reason why he will be asked to act nice and romantic.

Before he could find his voice for question, Luke was already too far.
With the choice of no choice, he entered the building and headed straight to the table as described but fortunately, as he advanced closely, he saw a lady sitting on a chair before that very table and that instant, he recognised it was Mirabell.

He felt his heart pumping faster and faster as he minimized his steps.

He couldn’t figure out if he was happy or nervous.

But what he knew is that he really wants to be with her.

So for that reason, he decided to take the bull by the horn.

Mirabell’s face lifted up to him as soon as she heard his foot steps.

They were momentarily lost at the intent of and stare and with the feeling attraction they have for each other, her heart was pounding as he approached nearer and near and finally he was close so then, she shyly blushed her eyes away.
And that gave him some sort of courage.

“Hey Mirabel, how are you doing ?”
He asked jovially suppressing his nervous state

“I’m fine” She replied with a little smile and it melted his heart.?

“Wow indeed. But i think fine is an underestimation. Beautiful wouldn’t even measure up to the quality of the person sitting before me” He said and she chuckled at his statement

“Thanks for that compliment” She appreciated

“So what are you doing here all alone. I am sure you are waiting for some one” He requested

“Yea , actually , I am waiting for your friend who promised to bring me a surprise. What about you? The flower on your hand shows you are expecting a date here.” She asked.

It was then he remembered that he still has a flower on his hand.

What was he going to use the flower for? He did a sharp thinking.
Luke has told him earlier to act nice and romantic.

He was probably staging them together and he really loved it.

No wonder he told her to wait for a surprise.

He therefore acted up ebullently

“Actually, it is for you.” He said as he stretched it for her.

“Wow, did you mean it is for me?”
She asked as she collected it from him looking at it decisively

“Yea. I hope you likes it?” He asked

“Oh yes. Thanks, you are so romantic”

“I am grateful” He said before sitting down

“So how about if we go out tonight?” He requested

“That’s a good idea, i would love to but………” She faced down looking sad

“what is it Mira?” He asked reaching for her right hand which was placed on the table beside his book.

“My parents…. They won’t grant me the permission.” She said sadly


“They are over protective”

“Okay, don’t worry. We can fix it whenever you have an opportunity. Perhaps Your parents knows the best thing for you. Don’t you think so?” He asked

“Maybe. But they are over reacting.” She said out again

“Don’t worry, you won’t stay with them forever. But then i am always available when ever you need someone to talk to.”

“Thank you very much”

“Can i have your number so i will call you later?” He requested looking tensed up.

She said and then started calling the numbers one after the other.



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