June 11, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 14

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♥️????????THE POWER OF LOVE ????????♥️
????????????Episode 14????????????

After the exchange of phone contact, Harry took the book and headed straight to the lecture hall.
He was already 20 minutes late at his arrival.

He just thanked his star he didn’t missed it at all.


Felix returned home after all the activity he has for the day.

He didn’t return home the previous day and that state the fact that he has a lot of explanations to make at home which will mainly base on false and fabricated story due to he wasn’t ready to tell anyone yet that he knocked someone with his car.

Chief Gavin was sitting at his normal position in the sitting room when he entered.

“Good evening Dad” He greeted

Chief Gavin removed his glasses a little as if it was blocking his view in seeing his son

“Felix, where have you been?”
He thundered

“Been busy” He replied as he sat on the couch.

He must have mastered his mood whenever he is angry which was unlike when he was younger, he will almost freeze out on hearing his bass voice.

“Busy with school stuff. Don’t you know i will be graduating in the next three months?” He asked with his face radiating some humours .

“I know. And I would have been happy if you studied some thing like civil engineering or business administration. But with the Law you studied, i am obviously not happy with it.” His father blurted

“But Dad learn to accept my choice. Its my destiny and career we are talking about here.”

“Then who is going to take over my company? You want an outsider to do that for you?”

“Dad, we can always employ some one to run it and give account to us and we will always pay………”

“Enough! This discussion is heading to no good. Since you did not change your mind at the early stage when i threatened not to sponsor you in that field. Is it at this finishing point that you will change your mind?” The older man asked looking rather sad than angry.

“Bro Felix!” Mirabell screamed from the stair case above.

She was obviously happy to see his brother and without a waste of time, she ran to him like a flash and engaged him in a tight hug despite the fact that he was still sitting down.

“Did you know how worried you made me yesternight?” She asked when she had finally left him.

“Did you know you made me scared?” She continued

“I was supposed to be feeling disappointed because you breaked our agreement but instead , i was worried to sadness especially when you made mention of the Nurse entering………”

“You’re talking too much, shey i told you i am okay?” Felix said blocking her lips with his finger.

“Nurse? Were you in the hospital? Why?” That was Flora asking. She just over heard Mirabell as soon as she entered the sitting room.

“Don’t worry mum, i just checked on a friend who was Hospitalized. The Doctor said he is suffering from typhoid and Malaria” He lied

“O sorry for him. And you were so caring that you have to abandon your comfort bed to make sure he was okay.” Mirabell remarked.

“Yea, he’s getting better now” He lied again knowing fully well that was the opposite of what he really meant.

“mhh mhh mhh,” Chief Gavin cleared his throat and continued

“Son, i got a call from my friend Edmund yesterday. He told me that his Daugther will be returning from Germany in a week time. I waited for you patiently to break the goodnews yesternight but you didn’t return.” Gavin said

“What!!!!” Felix screamed.


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