July 25, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 4

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The V Stripper.

Episode 4


I knew I must have left her stranded with what I just did. It’s surprising that one would ever see a flowered girl at a strip club.

I could have walked straight to my room but I decided to go to the kitchen to find something for myself to eat.

I got to the kitchen and decide to quickly fry a plantain , I’m used to living alone so I learnt cooking since as a skill that I would be needing.

I do not trust this girl to cook for me yet.

I sliced the banana and poured the oil on the fry pan and while waiting for the oil to get hot a little bit ,the whole frying pan caught fire and I adjusted back fearfully

I darted my face around for what I could quench it with , where the water is was, was just few distance away from where I stood.

I ran there and get some water ,but the more I wrinkled the water on the fire,the more the intensity of the fire increases.

I ran outside immediately to grab my phone and I put a call across to the fire extinguishers.

The fire kept increasing and I ran to the lady’s room. I threw series of knock on the door and it gave way. She came to open it.

“The kitchen has caught fire , move out immediately.” I said and ran out while she followed me.

I was about getting out of the living room in fear of the fact that the fire may explode to the whole house before the fire extinguishers shows up.

She ran inside to my amazement and I didn’t know what she did ,but the whole fire quenched.

At that very moment , workers of the fire extinguishers arrived and I directed them to the kitchen.

They were surprised to see that the fire had being quenched.

“How were you able to quench it?” One of the fire extinguishers asked peeking into my face.

“She did.” I replied and pointed at the girl.

“Oh! ” The man said and peeked around some burnts stuffs in the kitchen “you have to be very careful now!”

“Sure ,I would. I must have increased the heat abnormally.”

“Maybe. Be extra careful sir.” The man said and walked out alongside other fire extinguishers.

“How did you do that?” I took a step closer to ask her curiously.

“I just did it.” She smiled.

“Just did it” I repeated and darted my face around again. “Well ,you did a good job but I want to know how you were able to quench the fire ?”

“I said I just did it.” She replied and that infuriated me.

I walked to the entrance of the kitchen and held the knob of the door.

“You think I’m a joke right? You will be inside this place for another three days ”

“But I saved your life.” She shouted but I never listened . I closed the door on her and walked away.

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