June 17, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 134

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He And Her V.

Episode 134


‘I’ve got no idea what’s going on with my woman and baby right there. Would you be fast with whatever you are doing ?” I asked angrily.

I was really pissed at the two men who were just working for ages on opening the door.

“The door isn’t the general door you see around, sir. This is a specially inbuilt door that can not be broken unless you allow us to do our job.” One of the men said.

I went to the door and twisted the knob while shaking the door vigorously.

The two men stood from their squatting position and excused me.

I began to hit the door with my legs , I looked around for what I could hit the door with and I luckily saw an iron rod very far from where I was.

I ran there hastily and came back swiftly. I began to hit it for few minutes .I got tired when I realized that the door isn’t even giving a sign of opening anytime soon.

“This thing is not opening?” I shouted

“I told you sir. The minutes you had being trying to open it yourself ,we could have being progressive in our work.” He said.

“Fine.” I surrendered and they came back to the door.

I began to pace left and right. I was really disturbed. A pessimistic thought kept parading my heart that my wife and child may have being dead.

I would make sure I slaughter Grace alive if it turns out happening.

No! Nothing evil must happen to Camilla and my baby.

The door finally opened and those men walked inside. I followed suit. The whole room was covered with a blue mist that we could hardly see each other.

Those men brought out some stuffs and began to spray the room.

All this while ,I was just trying to search blindly for where the bed is so I can touch to confirm if Camilla is there.

Plus ,if they are still alive ,they should make some noise.

“Camilla!” I shouted. “Camilla!”

Everywhere was just quiet and sweats began to form from my body as fast as it could. My body was aching all over and I was thinking the worst had happened to them.

“Camila!” I yelled again with tears already pouring off my face.

The blue mist finally got dissolved by the help of the two men and I could now see clearly,but sadly, I couldn’t see Camilla and my baby.

I peeked around the room and wondered if there is another exit of the room apart from the main entrance.

I looked to those men and asked. “They are suppose to be here?”

They opened their mouth but words weren’t protruding.

They were as confused as I am.

Where in the world could Camilla and my baby be?

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