July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 5

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Korean Baddest Prince.

Episode 5

^ Prince Dae so ^

About two hours later.

I had just finished eating in my chamber and planning to get myself trained at the palace field.

“My Lord ,you have a message from the queen.” I heard one of my servant say.

“If she had sent a maiden , beckon her in.” I said and a fair petite maid walked in.

“My Lord, the queen had requested for your presence.”

I thought for while wondering what mother must have requested for my presence for.

The last time we spoke ,it was about father’s plan of me marrying the princess of Gu yeol.

I stood and followed the maiden to my mother’s chamber.

“My queen , the prince is here.” A maiden shouted.

“Let him in.” I heard mother’s voice and I walked to her.

“Good morning ,mother.” I greeted while standing before her.

“Sir down. How has the weather being on you?”

“Fair mama. Why have you requested for my presence?”

“Your father will be holding a meeting with the palace official today’s. Remember that we are trying to avoid any current and future fight with the king of Gu Yeol. ”

“Mom, about this again? I can’t guarantee you if I would like the lady or not until I see her. ”

“Dae so! Either you see her or not , it’s better you start liking her. Only that singular act can enhance our alliance with Gun Yeol and ensure the safety of our kingdom. You know how powerful they could be? ”

“I understand all these mama. When will I be able to see the lady?”

“She’s here.” My mother said and gestured for a maid to open a particular veil.

It was opened and I saw a lady beautifully dressed and probably beautiful as a princess but she’s never beautiful to me.

Her presence alone disgust me and her smile irritated me a lot cause she was smiling at me.

“Do you like her?” My mother asked.

I sighed and looked to the face of momma.

I walked out without saying a word.

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