July 31, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 18

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???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 18

Romeo POV

The following morning I woke up abit late,
I dragged my lazy feet to the bathroom and relaxed into the jacuzzi tub

Last night events came flooding, I wonder how Julie is.

How am I gonna be able to face now that I told I was gay. I need to apologize to her

After bathing I got clad in a black jean and a white Versace button shirt, maybe I should make up with her on a date

Yes that’s what am gonna do

I picked up my iphones and the iPod before leaving the room and closing the door behind me

A wonderful and welcoming aroma filled my nostrils I trailed the scent to the kitchen where I found Julie cooking

For a moment I was happy, i stood secretly watching her

She turned with a plate of tomatoes sauce and saw me. I tried to compose myself immediately ion want her to have that impression that I was watching her

“Good morning ” she greeted with a smile and walked pass me

Huh what’s wrong with her this morning why is she happy

“Morning “I mumbled unable to look her in the eyes

“Please come and eat breakfast is served ” she said and sets the dinner

I walked slowly and sat down on a chair opposite hers

“Julie…. I ” I wanted to say before she interupted me

“No don’t worry romeo just forget about it ” she cut me short


“Just let it be rommie am over it already and I would like you to do the same ” she said with a smile
Which I know its a sad smile

I felt bad as the words roll outta her mouth freely

“Just listen to me Julie, I was just hoping if I could take you out for lunch to make up for everything ” I said with an expressionless face

“No romeo I can’t go out with you am busy with something and you don’t need to make up for anything like I said am over it” she said and stood up before walking out

“What have I done?? Its like she changed over night, whatever that brought this sudden change ion want it ” I groaned softly

Just lost my appetite

I stood up too and walked outta the house, need fresh air ????

am going for a walk maybe that will calm my nerves

I can’t believe she is trying to avoid me

Julie POV

I watched him through the glass wall of my room

He walked outta the mansion angrily, I never wanted him to be angry

But if that will stop me from loving him then I just had to do it

I still lost in my thoughts when a phone call jerked me outta my thoughts

It was his mom

????good day maam ” I greeted

????how are you my dear and how is my baby doing ” she asked

????am fine and he is fine too” I murmured

????whats wrong my dear you sound dull, did romeo said anything to make you angry? ” she asked with concern in her voice

????no ma he did nothing am absolutely fine” I said calmly but I know she won’t give up easily

????come on baby girl I know something is up you can talk to me like a mother” she said

I hesitated for a while before telling her everything, to my surprise she was so happy to hear it and she sworn to me that romeo isn’t gay he said just to push me away

Ptweew that was a relief

????dear don’t give up on him, I want you to please make him fall in love with you I will be the happiest mother of my time if you do that for me” she said sadly

She gave me hope and some strategies to get him to fall for me

I was so happy he wasn’t gay

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