July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 62 And 63

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 62
Harry’s POV
I never knew this house is this large. It’s big and boring. I miss my Sofia she makes it lively with her jokes and sometimes faked anger. I tried sleeping on the bed but it was so big so I preferred the couch. After trying to catch sleep with no avail, I picked my phone and called her.
She picked immediately like she was expecting my call.
????Hi beb. I miss you.
I pout like she was watching me.
????I don’t really miss you.
????Why are you still awake this late?
????I couldn’t catch sleep. I need you here. Why are you even awake?’
????I couldn’t sleep and am waiting for Roy.
????Waiting for him?
I asked surprised. He is only a week old, I don’t expected him to go somewhere and even be waited for.
????He is with Ramon and am afraid to go and pick him. He may think I don’t want them to spend time together. I’ll just wait till he brings him.
I felt pity for her.
????Don’t worry I’ll keep you company. Give me a moment I video call, I need to see your beautiful face before I sleep.

I said and hanged up. I picked my laptop and called her.
We talked for a long while but it was nothing important. Just said jokes and we laughed.
Sofia’s POV
We talked for a long time before I heard a knock on the door.
????I think he is here.
I said to Harry.
????Don’t hang up I need to talk to him.
He said and I nodded before going to the door.
He handed the baby and wanted to leave when I talked.
‘Come in, Harry wanted to talk to you,’
He looked at me surprised before coming in.
He walked on the bed where I placed the laptop.
I lay the baby to sleep and sat on the chair in the room.

Episode 63
Sofia’s POV
I smiled at their conversation, like two teenage boys.
‘Take care of my woman and find yourself one,’ Harry said and I chuckled.
‘Give me respect am your older brother,’ he said with a smirk.
‘Whatever, you can leave my woman’s room I need to talk to her. I already miss her. You won’t understand missing until you get one,’ Harry said and I couldn’t hold my laughter.
I wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He is handsome, rich and has everything a girl would ask for in a man. Or maybe he doesn’t want, but he is old enough to have a family. Let me not put my nose in his business he might be having his own reason. I was lost in thought that I forgot there was a conversation.
‘Have a good night,’ he said and it brought me back to earth.
‘Okay, you can sleep now. You look tired,’ Harry said and I smiled.
He is such a darling.
‘Good night,’
‘Good night to. I love you,’
‘I love you to,’ I said and hanged up.
I place the laptop on the dressing table, dimmed the light and drifted to dreamland.
Ramon’s POV
Everybody wants me to get a girlfriend. It’s like to them being single is a mistake.
The last girlfriend I had did a good job of getting money from me and giving it to her useless boyfriend. I don’t think I can trust anyone with my heart. It sounds crazy but I don’t want to get hurt. If they go on like this I’ll just get a surrogate mum, because my mom won’t allow I adopt a son.
Harry’s son is cute and he needs someone to play with. Just for Roy I’ll take to the doctor and my lawyer.
‘I’m bringing you a playmate Roy,’ I said to myself before throwing myself on the bed.

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