August 3, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 64 And 65

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 64
Ramon’s POV
I woke up early and after breakfast I left for the hospital. We discussed after and he promised to help me out.
He helped me out and after few days we got a carrier mother.
After everything was done it was time to go back.
‘I’m leaving tomorrow,’ I announced when we were having lunch.
‘Why so soon?’ mum asked and I was prepared of that. I had an answer to that.
‘I have business to run,’
‘It has been running in your absence?’
‘My girl is pregnant,’ I said and mom almost got choked.
I want to leave and come back when she has delivered.
I don’t want to see her I may end up loving her.
If it’s money I will always send for her upkeep for nine months.
She is even lucky I pay her that huge some of money.
I will later bring the baby for Sofia to raise, she has proven responsible, am sure my baby will be in safe hands.
Everything is working out as planned.
Sofia’s POV
My babysitter is leaving. He has been of help spending time with Roy when am busy. I need to get a nanny but until he clocks six months.
I’m afraid she may mistreat him like what I sometime watch on the news.
The next day Ramon left buy Harry came in the evening. It was fun having him around.

Three years later
Sofia’s POV
I hold the hands of the two kids and walked towards the car that was waiting for us. I’m back, I couldn’t leave Reid there. He thinks am his mum and I can’t disappoint him. Ramon never brought his mum. He said his mum brought the baby and left. I wonder what kind of mother leaves her kid. He is an adorable kid and one may think Roy and Reid are twins. They are of the same height and ten months age difference.
The driver handled the luggage and we drove to the house. I missed this place so much.
The car drove inside the compound and Harry was waiting for us.
‘Have missed you baby,’ he said.
‘I missed you to,’ I said and hugged him.
‘How are my heroes doing?’ he asked the boys.
‘Fine daddy,’ they replied uniformly.
He carried Roy while I carried Reid who was a little lighter. We walked inside the house and nothing has changed. I left for three years and it seemed like yesterday as everything was intact.
‘Did you hire someone to do this or do you mean you weren’t staying here?’ I was forced to ask.
‘I leave for work and come back late and on weekends I was with you, so nobody to change anything,’ he said and I chuckled.
‘Mommy am hungry,’ Reid said and I remembered we haven’t eaten anything for a while.
‘You eat some cereals as I prepare food for us,’ I said as he smiled. I placed him on the couch and went to the kitchen.
I came back with two bowls of cereals and gave them.

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