July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 15

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????????????Episode 15????????????


“I can sense, some one is really happy” Felix commented as soon as they had entered Mirabell’s room.

She was the one who had dragged him out of the sitting room after being bored with his father’s announcement.

“Is it obvious?” She asked grinning.

“Yes of course”

“Why wouldn’t i when my missing brother is found”

“Oh mhen! I wasn’t missing.”

“But you are now back.” She said as she sat on a stool which was before her mirror.

Her eyes kept glaring at the rose flower on the table with smiles all over her face.

“And also, someone is in love”
He blurted spotting the rose flower.

Just as she tried replying his statement, her Phone began to ring.

She checked the caller and found it was her Prince Charming.

She put through the call immediately.

“Hello pretty one, how are you doing this night?”

She heard him ask over the phone.

“I am great. My dear” She replied ebullently

“I am glad you are great . I just called to check on you. Remember, i am available whenever you need some one to talk to”

“Okay thanks.”

“Your voice is Magical. I almost mistook it for an Angel”

“Oh really? Thanks” She giggled

“Have a sweet dream my Princess”

“Okay dear. But wait, what if i am ready for your request earlier, are you still ready for it or have you taken it back?” She asked nervously.

Her brother who was now with the flower took a glance at her and chuckled

“Is it about the Date?” Harry asked from the phone

“Yea” She replied

“Of course i am ready. Any thing to see your beautiful face tonight.” He replied being excited

“Ok, i will get back to you so as to let you know if its possible or Not”
She said and then hung up the call.

“He is Harry right?” Felix asked

“Yes. But how did you know? I don’t remember mentioning his name during the call” She asked in astonishment

“Have you forgotten that this flower is bearing his name?” He asked

“You’re right.”

“Previous days, you used to be sad and moody but today, you look so happy. I can sense the Power of Love in action” Felix retorted and she blushed

“So can i know who this Harry of a Guy is?” Felix requested

“No, I’m still angry at you for disappointing me yesternight.” She faked a sad face

“I thought i have said sorry”

“Yes you did but i haven’t forgiven you yet.” She replied

“So how do i earn your forgiveness?”

“Just take me out this night and i will tell you everything about my new crush” She replied ebullently

“Okay dress up, lets get going” He said

“Are you sure?”

“Be fast before i change my mind”

“and then forget about my forgiveness”

She hit his shoulder playfully.

“So where are we going in particular?” She asked as she searched her closet

“La kruz bar”
He answered before leaving the room.

Immediately, she took her phone and called Harry telling him to meet them at La kruz bar.

Few minutes later , they were through.

Chief Gavin and his wife were still discussing in the sitting room when they got down the staircase.

“So where are you two heading to this night?” Chief Gavin queried his children

“We want to go and have some drinks at a near bar” Felix replied

“Can’t you go out there and buy the drinks and then drink it here with her other than taking her along with you this night?” Chief Gavin stressed

“The fresh air is nesasary. Don’t worry Dad, we won’t be late. Your daugther is with your buoyant son, so expect no problem” Felix assured promptly

“Felix you are bent on spoiling this girl” Mrs. Flora retorted

“Why not, its her right as the last and only daugther” Felix blurted out already turning the knot

“Well don’t be late” Chief Gavin permitted them.

“Thank you so much” The both siblings said in unison before walking out of the building.

“I am suspecting our daugther” Flora told her husband at their absent

“Why suspecting her?” The chief asked

“She is behaving strange since she returned from school today.”
The wife stated

“I am still confused”

“I saw her hiding a bunch of flower behind her as she sneaked into her room. I suppose those are gift from someone, a guy for that matter” She said in courteous manner.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” The chief asked doubtfully

“I am not joking, its better we tell her the truth before its too late”

“i will get to the root first before concluding on anything”

Chief Gavin said before heading to the room


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