July 29, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 16

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♥️????????THE POWER OF LOVE????????♥️
????????????Episode 16????????????

“Guy I don’t know you can be so mad. I even thought you’re gonna hit me with that look that was on your face” Luke blurted looking at his friend who was dressing up hastily

“My Blood was boiling hot. I almost thought you betrayed me . Thank you for what you did for me.” Harry appreciated dipping his right foot into his canvas

“Do quick and get Outta here, i’m expecting Ella any moment from now, I’m sure you wouldn’t love to hear her m*an” Luke said jokefully

“Naughty Boy” Harry exclaimed heading to the door.

“Catch some fun best. Make sure you do not blush before her. The moment will be awkward if you are shy and nervous”. Luke advised.

“Alright buddy” He said and closed the door behind him.

Straight away, he headed at to La kruz bar.

Although it was a bit far but he manage to get there on time.

He called Mirabell on phone when he found out she is yet to arrive and she assured that she will be there in not less than five minutes.

He was outside the building waiting patiently and just as she said, a car drove into the vicinity and when it had parked at the car lot, a rich gentle man jumped down the car according to his view.

And at the other side, a lady got down too and the both of the started walking together hand in hand as couples.

He felt his heart pumping bigger and bigger when he realised the Lady was Mirabell and finally, it busted seeing her with a another guy who looked rich and handsome.

He watched them silently as they were discussing and moving with each other and at a point, she threw herself on him in a hug.

That moment , his heart disappeared. Many thought began to run down his mind.

Did she invite him there to embarrass him. Its true he didn’t own a car so as to pick her from her home but then, its so unfair for her to invite him with the motive of breaking his heart.

She’s obviously beautiful and also rich, how could he had convinced himself that she will by pass all those rich guys winking at her to be with him, that’s only in a Love story, he thought.

Why did he even need to worry or get jealous since she’s not even his girlfriend? He abhorred embarrassment so much so that He quickly decided to leave so as to avoid it.

Just as he turned around to leave, he heard her calling his name

She called looking elated, he turned to see her running toward him with happiness.

He felt a heavy load being lifted off his heart and for a moment , he was tempted to stretch forth his arms and engage her into a hug but lo, he didn’t. His hands were too heavy to be lifted up.

This was because he saw her hug another Guy a moment ago and he was not sure of the relationship she has with him.

He just kept his hands down into his pocket looking at her as she halted beside him.

She was disappointed and it was obviously written on her face.

She expects him to engage her into a hug the moment she gets beside him but his action was otherwise.

“Mirabell you’re here” He managed to say glaring into her eyes and she did the same.

For a moment, they were lost to The Current of affection which electrified a humorous and alluring smile in their face.

They were willing to drown in that sea forever if not for Felix who faked a cough behind them.

Mirabell was standing in between the two gentlemen and it is her duty to conduct the introduction.

“Harrison, meet my Brother Felix and Bro Felix meet my new friend Harry. ” She introduced.

The two gentle men shook hands

“Nice meeting you” Harry said

“You too. So you are the one that have swipe my little angel off her feet and made her find the reason to be hap………ouch!” Felix screamed having been hit by Mirabell.

She felt he’s talking too much. Harry just smiled at himself

“I will just leave you guys to enjoy your date” Felix said going back to his car.

“okay, thank you very much”
Mirabell appreciated

“You look soo soo beautiful”
Harry commented as he intertwined their hands together and leading the way into the bar.

“Thank you dear.”

“You have a rich , caring and handsome brother. Others can easily mistake you two to be a couple”
He blurted the moment they have taken a seat.

“I am very lucky i have him as a brother. He is the only person that understands me in my family” She said

“I can really feel that.” He said.

Then they gave orders to a waiter who came close and without a waste of time, they were served according to what they had requested.

And while they ate silently, they took a glance at each other every qualified seconds and that electrified them with sparks of smile.

Harry admired every thing about her, the way she looks, they way she smiles, the way she eat and the way she talks.

If God may permit it, he was ever willing and ready to spend the rest of his life with her even in his next world.

Somehow, he initiated that very date in order to make some necessary commitment to her and he prayed silently it be successful.

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