August 6, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 5

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The V Stripper.

Episode 5

^ Jenny ^

I sighed as I squatted on the bare floor in the kitchen. I had just saved his life and this is how he had decided to pay for it.

I walk to the entrance of the door and twisted the knob but it was closed. I remembered how I use to sneak into homes to steal those days.

My gangster friends specially taught me how to open different doors no matter how locked it is.

I peeked around the kitchen and I was able to see some few equipment that I could use.

I worked some stuffs on the door and it gave way in few seconds.

I closed it as it was and walked to Stone’s room.

He was surprised to see me and stood at the moment. “How in the world were you able to get out?”

“Same way I was able to quench the fire.”

“Oh!” He smiled. “Seems you will be more useful than I thought. ”

I turned to leave but I noticed him stood and walked towards me.

I paused and he stood behind me. He hugged me from behind and pressed his manhood on my backside.

I sighed with eyes closed and tired to walk away but he pulled me to him.

“I’m still on ,sir.”

“You do not have to remind me ,I know.” He said staring at me lustfully.

“You look so sweet ” He said softly and tore my top angrily.

I wasn’t putting on a bra so he just placed his mouth on my b____st and began to play around the n!pples with his lips.

I tried as much as possible not to moan , he kept exchanging his mouth on the two b____sts.

I kept looking at his face like I never enjoyed whereas ,I wanted him to continue.

He beckoned on me to kneel and I did.

He brought his manhood out and request that I place it in my mouth and suck.

“This isn’t some kind of sweet sir?”

“I see ,you are flowered and have probably never done this before. But you should have watched adult films right?”

“I think I have and I have seen ladies sucking the manhood of men but I do not see any sense in it.”

“You would see sense in it after trying it.” He said softly but I was still reluctant. “Do it ” He shouted.

I held his manhood in my hand and began to stroke it. It was as hard as rock and long. I began to feel his manhood pressed stronger on my hand.

I inserted the manhood in my mouth gently. It was my first time and it really look weird.

I began to it gently till I began enjoying it.

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