July 21, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 135

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He And Her V.

Episode 135


‘Thirty minutes ago’

I fell but I ensured that my baby did not fall to the floor. I was hurt on hand and stood back to my feet with my baby.

I quickly went to the room and took the bed sheet and placed it on the sink.

I stood on the sink and my leg was firm this time. I placed my baby inside the ceiling ,I pushed him a bit inside while he kept crying.

The mist was getting thicker and my mind was pounding faster in fear. I really do not wish that my baby would ever go through this but if there is something I can’t control ,it’s fate.

I climbed the ceiling and find my way inside the dark ceiling. The cry of my baby increased. The inside of the ceiling was as hot as furnace.

The heat was a heavy one and I do hope that I find a way out as soon as possible.

I carried my baby and bent inside the ceiling a bit ,I was eye searching for a space out and I saw a lightening at the far end of the ceiling.

I began to walk steadily and carefully towards the lightening. The heat in the ceiling was really horrible and I just felt pathetic for my new born baby.

I finally got to the lightening and I saw an opened ceiling.

I placed my baby down gently and peeped out of the ceiling to see what is there and I noticed it was an open space.

I placed my baby close to the opening and stepped down myself.

I climbed a table there and brought my baby down.

I sighed and looked around the place. It was like a backyard of the hotel and there were set chairs and table around.

I sat there and placed my baby on my lap ,I began to feed my baby with my br_ast while inhaling the air.

Tucker’s POV

I noticed there were no bed sheet on the bed and I went to look through the window.

I can’t but think weirdly on weather Camilla had jumped down or something.

I noticed that there were no traces of her jumping down.

I went to the bathroom ,then the toilet and to my utmost surprise, I saw the bed sheet on the sink and an opening at the ceiling.

“Mr. Tucker!” I heard one of those men called while probably approaching where I was.

Camilla must have climbed over here …but is there another exit through this ceiling.

I just hope that at the end of the day, I would find my wife and baby alive and well.

I climbed inside the ceiling before those men came in.

“Mr. Tucker ,what are you doing sir?” I heard one of the men asked but I ignored and began to walk around the very dark ceiling.

I found out that there was an opening at an edge of the ceiling. I walked swiftly there and peeped through the ceiling.

I saw Camilla placing my baby on the table and looking into his face happily.

I smiled as tears poured gently from my face.

I climbed down and Camilla turned all of a sudden.

She looked at me with no expression and I walked up to her.

“Camilla!” I called and she hugged me without saying a word.

I hugged her tight and just let tears stream down my face.

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2 thoughts on “He And Her V. Episode 135

  1. Grace when will u stop!!!! I can’t wait to see your end, how terrible it will be. Your end is near. Camila just travel out disappear from grace and let tucker handle her with iron hand

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