July 29, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 6

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Korean Baddest Prince.

Episode 5

^ Lisa^

I was soon done cleaning the room of prince Dae So when he walked inside the room.

I noticed he was moody and seems to be lost in thought. He just went to lay on the bed and when I was about walking away ,I hear him call.

“Lisa ”

“Yes ,my Lord.”

“Have ordered for my men to go bring your parents to the palace.”

I laughed. “you are joking right?”

“Do I look like a Prince that Joke to you ”

“You know what? I don’t care how many times you flog me or punish me ,if you dare bring my family to the palace ,you will hate yourself. ” I threatened and turned away from him.

I began to hope inside of me that what he had said isn’t true. No! My mom had vowed never to return to the palace even though the palace seems to be more comfortable and relaxing than the outside world.

But we have our hidden meaning.

I walked outside and stood at the fore front of the palace. I saw some guards coming with two female. They were chained and dragged.

I ran towards them hoping they were not my siblings. On getting there ,I saw that they were my mother and my sister.

“Mother!” I called and she came to look to my face. Her face was Stern and rigid.

“Leave her! Let her be.” I yelled but the soldiers ignored me.

“Let them be.” I tried to push the soldiers away from them but they end up pushing me directly away to the floor.

I got really angry and counted the number of soldiers present. They were six that were taking my mother and siblings .

I charged at them and began to fight with the. It took me two minutes to defeat them.

I was bruised slightly at my neck but it was not fatal at all. I hardly feel any pain there.

I began to let my mother and sister loose of the chain that they had chained them with.

“I won’t allow this to happen momma ,trust me. Let’s go home.” I said .

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 5

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