August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 64

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 64


“It’s obvious you haven’t recovered from your psycho ” The boss said and went to sit.

We got done for the day and I started getting ready to leave for house.

I stood after arranging my table and carried my small hand bag.

I took few steps out and I heard my name being called.
“Ava” I turned.

“Did my brother really kissed you?”

“I’m only trying to make your brother happy just as you want ,sir. ”

“How could you make him happy not knowing that it will be making me sad.

“I’m really sad knowing
that he is the first person to give you the first kiss.”

I walked out and I could hear his foot steps after me.

“Wait! ” He said and I stopped. I had just got outside the room.

“Erm… Come inside the office.” He said and I obliged.

He stood before me and said; “You psycho.”

“You must have called me inside to insult me sir?”

“Maybe!” He said and scoff. “Many times ,I really wish you are far away from me. I wish that I never get to see you gain but anytime I chase your ugly nonentity away ,I start to feel lonely and sad. ”

I kept looking straight into his eyeball.

“I really can’t understand that feeling but seriously …I wish I know what that means. ” He said.

“I know it’s not love. Of course , I can’t stoop so low to love someone like you.” He added.

“Maybe !”

“Why do you mean by ‘maybe!’ ”

I smiled. “There is only one way to know if you really love me or not.”


“When I try to kiss you ,push me away if you do not love me. Kiss me if you love me.”

“Oh! Fine…but I’ve never kissed before.”

“You can start today plus we aren’t sure if you are going to kiss me or push me away.” I said.

He nodded and I kept bringing my lips closer to his. And when my lips almost collided with his ,I stopped.

I noticed him trying to resist the feeling but it seems to be stronger than what he can control.

He brought his lips to mine and it interlocked.

We began to kiss.

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