July 31, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 20

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???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 20

Romeo POV

The following morning I woke up with a sour face and sluggishly walked to the bathroom for a heart warming shower

Yeah that’s what I needed at the moment especially when you didn’t sleep much at night

It’s all my fault Julie changed drastically

I must find away to talk to her I need to end all this drama once and for all


After having my bath I was clad in shorts and a body hug shirt before racing downstairs towards the kitchen

I met Julie setting up the table but I wasn’t interested in food right now

“Julie what the heck is wrong with you why are you avoiding me” I groaned

“Good morning” was the only thing she said before focusing on what she is cooking

I got so pissed that I grabbed hold of her both shoulder and slammed her to the kitchen tile

She was shocked at my actions

” Julie why are you doing this to me”I growled at her

She flinched in fear but she didn’t show any signs of it

“Doing what exactly Romeo” she hissed in pain

“Stop acting like you don’t know what am talking about,can’t you see that am going crazy with this your attitude”I said in-between clenched teeth

” Let me be Romeo ion know what you talking about” she said angrily

“Common Julie can’t you see that I so much care about you ,I feel bad knowing you this way please am sorry just loosen up please”, I pleaded

” Why do you suddenly care about me?” She asked

Sincerely ion know why I so much care about her

“Ion know but you more like a friend to me I beg you don’t treat me this way ,it hurts when you give me cold shoulder” I said letting go of her hands

Romeo’s mom POV

I know Romeo is not gay he is just scared of falling In love

Am not getting any younger I need to carry my grandchildren for he is my only son

That was one of the reason I brought Julie into his life ,she didn’t collect a damn from me ..

I was so happy when she told me she had developed feelings for Romeo

The problem now is getting Romeo to fall for her too

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