June 13, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 17

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????????????Episode 17????????????

After eating, Harry started a conversation by asking a riddle

“Mira, can you tell me the best ship in the world?”

“Colombo Express” She blurted

“No” he swing his head left to right

“Auguste Mayer” She answered again



“No, Titanic is far from the best. It wrecked in the middle of the sea”

“Why don’t you go ahead and tell me?” She requested

“The best ship in the world is friendship . I expect you ask me why” He winked at her.

“Like you read my heart. I was going to ask you why?” She emphasised

“Okay, have you ever watched the Movie Titanic?” He asked

“Yea, that was at my early teenage age” She replied

“The movie is my best, i have watched it up to 10 consecutive times without getting bored”

“Wow, so what’s the titanic with the friendship?”

“In that movie, you know Jack and Rose right?”

“Yes. I hate that movie, its a tragedy” She exclaimed and with that, he exploded into laughter.

She was left wondering the issue that was amusing him.

Her eyes was just glued on his widened laughing lips.

In her she was busy comparing him and Owen together.

He was far more handsome than Owen only that Owen is more richer.

“You are lost” Harry screamed jacking her off her thoughts, it dawned on her that she had undernourished overworth time in thinking that she didn’t realise when he was done laughing.

“You say….?”

“I said that titanic wrecked and sank to the bottom of the sea but Jack and Rose friendship and love lasted forever even though Jack died” He explained

“Imagine that Both of us in a friendship that will never wreck?”
He added waiting for her reaction, she only nodded to concur in what he was saying and that boasted him to go further more.

He sank his right hand into the right pocket of his trousers and it floated back to the table with a shiny silver necklace inhabiting a heart-shaped pendant.

“So Miss Mirabell, would you make me the happiest man on this planet by accepting to be my girlfriend?”

“Oh yes , yes I will.” A cute smile crossed her lips that was probably something that will make her the happiest lady on earth.

And since that made him the happiest man on earth, they were invariably the happiest couple in the planet.

She watched with smile as he stood and went behind her.
She began to breath heavily when she felt his hand on her skin. it suited perfect like it was her long missing part.

“This is probably the right and perfect man. How can he stir me up like this? With him, I feels the complete chemistry of love.” She thought in her mind.

Harry locked the necklace on her neck and she felt on top of the world with that.

Although she can afford fifty of that kind of necklace but none can be as sacred and special like the one hanging on her neck.

This is because , it is from the one she has been admiring and crushing on. A gift from him is totally priceless no matter how meagre it is.

“Hope you like it?” she heard him whisper into her right ear

“Of course I love it.” She grinned turning around to face him.

Gradually and gently, his face began to lower to her’s beat by beat, and her heart began to pump hard as he felt his breath on her skin.

“Is he going to kiss you? How are you going to respond? Do you think its right?” Her subconscious mind was asking and too poor.

She couldn’t provide the answer to any of those questions.

Finally, she felt his soft lips on her cheek and that triggered the sparks of affection to her .

She had been in a lip kiss with Owen for like one million and one times but none made her feel different with affectionate sparks just like Harry’s kiss on her cheek.
What then if he has kissed her on the lips?

“I love you Mirabell.” He breathed out to her and just as she tried to reply some one slammed the table before them angrily.

They looked up immediately to see the carbon copy of the devil standing before them.

They were intently lost to each other that he hadn’t realised that Owen had been standing there moments ago.
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What is this guy looking for here?
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