June 18, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 18

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“Mirabell why are you doing this to me?” Owen probed sternly.

He had been hoping that she will some day forgive him for acting like a jerk but seeing her sign up the friendship of a lower class guy scattered him.

He had been drinking in the bar with his two bestie when he sighted the two love birds walking into the bar with hands intertwined together. His heart Broke and the pieces fell into his stomach . His friends seeing how devastated he was urged him to go and take claims for what rightfully belongs to him.

He heeded and on approaching them he was crushed as he saw her accept his friendship. That was why he got angry and slammed the table to draw her attention.

“Are you stalking me? Am I being monitored and followed?” Mirabell asked angrily

“No one is monitoring or stalking you. I have been here before you walked in with your poor boy.” He replied

“Hey mind your mouth.” Mirabell sneered standing up angrily

“This guy won’t have anything to offer you. I swear, you will never be happy with him, he’s a Gold digger!”

“I won’t have you insult me like that young man. Just kill it, you’re already out of the picture” Harry stated abruptly holding her right hand.

“I am sure you are not aware of what I can do to you?” Owen sneered as he took an aggressive step nearer to him as if he was going to fight. His two friends rushed to the scene to back him up in case of any violent effect

“Time to go home Harry and Mira”
Felix clapped as he approached them. Harry took Mirabell’s hand and walked out of Owen and his friends who looked Diabolic.

Felix walked up to them bravely as a fighter he always is.

“Hey young man, its time to back out. My warning is always short and clear , just stay away from my sister and her Lover if you don’t want to get it from me!” He stated then turned around and left.

“That guy is really stepping on my nerves”. Owen lamented

“He needs to be taught some lessons” Noah retorted

“And that’s exactly what we are going to do” Benjamin stated as they went back to their seat to plan on the most suitable way to approach the effect.

Outside the bar, Harry was holding Mirabell’s hand beside the car as they waited patiently for Felix to approach them.

“Hey Harrison, would you mind if i give you a ride to your home?” Felix inquired on getting close to them.

“You don’t need to worry about me. Just take my princess home safely” He blurted

“Okay then”

Felix opened the door for his sister waiting for her to step in and she was relunctant to do that. Its seems she was unwilling to let go of Harry’s hand. Harry brought it nearer his lips and pressed a soft kiss on it.

“Goodnight my princess. Just have in mind that you are perfect and priceless” He said letting go of her hand for her to enter the car.

“Goodnight my guardian Angel” She replied before entering the car.

Her brother slammed the door and then went over to the drivers seat.

Harry stood waving at them until the car was out of sight. He rushed home immediately to relate to his best friend the outcome of his first date. Out of excitement, he forgot to knoke before entering Luke’s room and there he was all nude with a lady beside him on the bed.


Very early the following morning, Felix went to the hospital because he couldn’t catch some sleep the previous night. That girl looked so beautiful and alluring with her charming pretty eyes which hobby was to shade tears. It is driving him crazy why she wouldn’t even bother to talk to him or is she dumb?

He doesn’t even know her name and to fact it all, he can’t take his mind off her even for a second. On entering her ward in the hospital , he saw a man looking so unfriendly in the room. He was with an injecting syringe on his hand coming closer and closer to her with a smirk. She was pleading and shading tears. The way she looked made his heart sank. If care is not taken, something abominable will happen . His blood began to boil hot with anger as he thought of what to do to help the Poor lady.

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  1. Every one with its own problem. Mira parents should reveal whatever secret it is to her, I hope she is not betrothed to Felix…. Own should be arrested and dealt with

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