June 14, 2021

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He Ad Her V. Episode 136

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He And Her V.

Episode 136

^ Camilla^

“We are not waiting here any longer , alright? We are going home and trust me ,everything will be fine.” Tucker said and I nodded.

He held me by my wrist and we both walked out to his car and drove home.

He helped me inside and made me lay to the bed gently. We did not see any trace of Grace nor her daughter around.

I had being really stressed. I walked to the bathroom and showered after which I went to the bed to sleep with my baby right beside me.

Tucker’s POV.

I sat beside my wife and watched her fall into deep sleep. I loved Camilla so much. She is my happiness and I wouldn’t stand and watch anything negative come upon her.

I believe it’s high time I deal severely with Grace. I know she’s evil but I’ve got to act like a man and challenge her.

I noticed that a car just drove in to the compound of the house. I stood guessing that it might be no one but Grace.

I walked out and watched as she stepped out of the car. She approached me with a smile and paused as soon as she got before me.

“Is anything the matter?” She asked.

“Why did you go and visit Camilla at the hotel? Plus…how did you even get to know what hotel she is?”

She chuckled. “Guess you really do not know what job I do.”

“Job! I know you only live by my money and that of your mother.”

She chuckled at my words. “Isn’t a husband suppose to be fully aware of what job his wife does? But since you care for Camilla and not me , I should expect that.”

“Whatever! Can you answer my question? And why in the world did you fill the room with a toxic blue mist? You want them dead right?”

“Why would I? I only went to greet her at the hotel. I didn’t fill the room with a blue mist or did you have a proof?”

“I do not need a prove to know what you can do. Evil woman.”I said.

She smirked. ” That hurts , you know. Now that Camilla and your baby is dead, you will end up falling in love with me at the long run.”

“You knew they are dead cause you orchestrated their death. I’ll tell all this to the cops.”

“Common! Tucker. You should know I can never have issues with cops. Alright , now that Camilla is gone…I should tell you what Job I do. I work as an undercover agent for the government. A senior agent at that. , so you can imagine.” She laughed and tapped my shoulder as she took some steps away to walk inside.

“Now , that Camilla and the baby is dead. Can I at least take your daughter to the hospital for D.N.A text?” I asked and her face suddenly turn sour.



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