July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 7

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 7

^ Lisa^

Just as I turned to leave with my siblings , hundreds of guards appeared around us with Spears.

I covered my siblings with my hand and stood in a fighting position. Not like I wanted to fight those guards cause I know they will definitely defeat me.

I just want my siblings to feel protected.

They paved a way and Prince Dae So came into light.

He stood and watched me.

“Who are you to disobey my order?”

“You made me your maid and I wasn’t complaining. You came for my siblings too…what for? Why did you want them in the palace?”

His lips curled up.

“You are so daft. When I decree , a commoner like you should not challenge my order.”

“I won’t allow you touch my siblings.” I said.

“Guards!” He shouted. “Arrest her mother and her sister .”

They chained my mother and my sister at hand and made them kneel before me.

I ran to Prince Dae So and angrily hit him in the nose.

Blood spill from his nose and the guards removed their sword angrily and placed it right beside my neck ready to cut my head off.

“Command me to cut her head off ,my Lord.” His personal bodyguard requested.

‘Take her to the market square and tell everyone what she has done.
Take her mother and her sister before her and begin to beat them mercilessly before her. Don’t touch her but let her watch her mother and sister suffer miserably cause of her stupidity. “

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