July 26, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 65

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 65


He unlocked his lips all of a sudden and blinked his face. He robbed his eyes as he went to where the mirror is.

He knelt down before the mirror and shouted; “let this be a dream ,please. Let it be that I’m dreaming.”

Seems he’s praying. I smiled as I stood and went to knee beside him.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a dream.”

He opened his eye and brought his face close to mine.

“You!” He pointed to me. “Why did you kiss me?”

“I?” I placed my hand in my chest. “I didn’t kiss you , you kissed me.”

“No , you did. You brought your face close to mine and…” He paused and probably thought about how it went.

“And you interlocked your lips on mine. That is a prove enough that you love me.”

“No!” He shouted. “No ooo! I can never love you.” He cried without tears streaming down his face.


“Cause you are poor and ugly. I hate you. ” he cried out loud the more. “How dare you place your deflowered lips on my flowered lips. I have never kissed before , why did it have to be your lips that I will kiss first.”

“Are you regretting the fact that you kissed me?”

“Yes , but I particularly regret the fact that I…” His voice steadily became low. “…that I only get to kiss you after my brother had kissed you.”

“Well , if that is it , you should be happy. ”

He came to look into my eye with his mouth dropped open.

“Yes, because I was lying prior. Your brother never kissed me. You are the first person to kiss me ”

“Really?” He asked almost smiling and I nodded.

“Aw…” He came to place his fingers on my lips and robbed my lips gently. “So , I kissed your lips first.”

I nodded with a smile while looking at his face.

Again, he was beginning to bring his face close to mine.

“Don’t say I kiss you again…cause the way you are bring your to closer to mine , it seems to me like you want to kiss me.

” Who want to kiss you?” He asked like a kid.

I smiled and maintained my head in a straight position. He kept gazing at lips.

I didn’t even know who’s head was moving this time , but I know that In few seconds , our lips interlocked and we began to kiss.

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