June 14, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 21

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???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 21

Julie POV

Ouch it hurts when he called me a friend

I managed to force myself outta his grip and continued with what I was doing

He looked at me with an expressionless face before racing upstairs angrily

Seems like he is no longer interested in the food

I sat down majestically and ate some food

Later do the dishes and clean up the kitchen before going back to the living room

Still got some movies to catch up with

And I still need to explore the city
I think that should be later

Romeo’s POV

Argh!! I groaned and smashed my cellphone on the floor

She can keep avoiding me ,I don’t want her to I like it when she get on my nerves

But why am I getting angry Is not as if she is my girlfriend tho

I just need to clear up the air between us she is the only female friend have had so far.

I changed my clothes into a more appropriate clothing

Have meetings with some investors at 10:30am

This is just ten

I took my brief case and make sure all the documents I will be needing for the meeting is safely in the brief case

Checked myself over again at makeup mirror once I was satisfied with my looks

I walked out and head downstairs where I met Julie watching movie

“I have an important meeting at the office am off” i said and walked away hurrily

Don’t wanna be late

I got to my car park ,am not going with any bodyguard or driver I insist on driving myself today

I know you must be wondering why but I just need some air and privacy too.

Got the car keys from my driver and zoomed off playing cool music too.

My mind needs to relax

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