July 31, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 22

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???? Six Days with a bad girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 22

Julie POV

After he left I became some how bored ,I stood up and walked up to my room where I had a shower

Before changing into some blue baggy Jean and a white tank top with a white sneakers too

Am not a fan of make up so I just applied lip gloss

I picked up my phone , checked if everything is ok with me

Before leaving the house
I don’t know exactly where am going to I I’m just gonna stroll around the city

I took a cab to the troublemaker park

I heard there are lots of fun rides there and I love rides
Have always had dreams of coming to the park

Now here I’m this trip is not so bad after all..

I did my happy dance to where they book tickets I collected mine before racing into the main park

Some many dangerous rides,I love dangerous rides which one should I try first. !!!!

“The juggler !!” Me and someone screamed the same

I turned to see the person that wants to take the most dangerous among all rides with me it was a very Handsome dude but not as handsome as romie tho

“Hey ” he said

“What’s up” I replied

“Finally I got a female partner who is going to juggle with me” he said with a charming smile

“Like seriously? You mean no lady has ever gone on the juggler before?” I asked with widened eyes

“Yeap” he simply said

So am gonna be the first lady to go on the almighty juggler ahhh am so so excited

“Name is Steve what’s your name pretty” he asked extending a hand

I blushed a bit before taking his hand

“Julie..Juliet” I said shyly

“Beautiful name for a beautiful princess,nice to meet you ma lady” He said and kissed the back of my palm

This is what I call romantic

I wish Romeo can be like this

“Shall we” he said while I nodded and entered the juggler I could see people’s eyes on me

I know they must be wondering what a lady like me like about the juggler


“Woow that was awesome” i screamed immediately I came down from the juggler even though I feel a bit dizzy but still it’s my favorite ride

“Yeah let’s go to that ice cream shop over there” Steve said pointing at a ice cream corner filled with kids

Gush how did he know I love ice creams especially double bro check with mixed flavor

We walked to the ice cream corner and I got two large extra bro check and mixed flavor with strawberry ontop
Don’t blame me tho i love ice cream so much
Steve settled for a vanilla flavor Ice cream .

We talked about us and got to know each other

We later exchanged numbers after then it was time for me to go home

“Thanks for today I really had fun” I said when we got to the exit of the park

“Common it’s nothing am glad you had fun” he said

Such a gentleman

I board a taxi and bid him good bye

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