July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 66 And 67

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 66
Sofia’s POV
After putting the kids to bed I took my phone and called Ramon. He is such an irresponsible father, he sends money not like I can’t afford to raise him but he thinks money can buy the kid. The kid doesn’t know him as his dad. After bringing the baby when he was one week he came only twice.
He picked up immediately and seemed happy.
????Don’t hello me, when are coming to introduce yourself?
I asked.
????But I provide everything for him.
????He needs to know you, he needs your love, care and attention and not everything is money.
????I don’t even know him. What he loves, His personality. I know nothing about him.
????How will you even know when you never come?
????Just raise him up, I trust you and my bro. He is the best daddy.
????Come pick him and stay with him for a while before he joins school.
????I don’t know how to babysit a baby.
????Not just any baby, but yours, your flesh and blood. Just learn how.
I said and hanged up.
‘I love you like my own, but you must know your dad and spend time with him. He needs to know you,’ I said and kiss Reid’s forehead before leaving the room.
I entered our room and Harry was busy on his laptop. When I came out of the bathroom Harry was done.
‘I talked to Ramon about his son,’ I said resting my head on his chest.
‘He accepted to spend time with him?’
‘He had so many excuses,’
‘If he doesn’t want let him be,’ he said kissing my forehead.

Sofia’s POV
I woke up early and went to prepare breakfast. I’ll have a long day and am going to the office with the boys because there is no nanny. I guess I need to get a maid. After breakfast I left for the office. The driver opened the door for me and I walked to the office holding there hands.
All the workers were greeting me as I walked to my office.
Lily’s POV
I was seated enjoying my wine when I received a call.
????Hello boss.
She said on the phone.
I said simply.
????She’s back with two sons.
I got out of the chair angrily.
I put a spy in Sofia’s company to be informing me on whatever is happening there.
????Okay I’ll take it from there.
They said in the hospital that am infertile. I can’t carry a child and my sister has two. How can she.
I tucked a gun in my pocket and left the house to her company.
I just need to take one kid or both of them.
Sofia’s POV
I went through the files on my table to update them to date. I left with the kids to see how different departments were doing.
As I left the office something caught my attention.
I think I saw someone I know.
I just came yesterday I doubt if Lily knows am around.
I walked through the departments as the boys walked in front of me.
After a while I saw her again.
I put a call to Harry and when I hanged up Roy wasn’t there.
‘Mummy they are taking him,’ Reid was saying in tears.
I looked at that direction and the same person that looks like Lily was taking my son away.
I entered my office, picked my gun and left with Reid.
I handed him to the driver and took the car following the blue car in front of me.
The driver will find his way home.
I placed a call to Harry and informed him.
My car is tracked and they’ll trace me, no need to get scared.
I guess whoever has my son didn’t realize I was following her. We got to a junction and I lost her.
I stopped my car and sighed in frustration.
If I get hold of that idiot, I’ll kill her and feed her body to the vultures.

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