June 17, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 68 And 69

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 68
Lily’s POV
I never knew her son is as stubborn as her. I just wanted to take him away peacefully but since he proved me wrong I drugged him. I drove to the secret house and all the boys were on guard. He is just a baby no need to tie him.
I left the room I had laid him and picked my phone to call Sofia.
????Hello sister.
I said with a smirk. I wish I could see her frustrated look.
????Hey lily long time no see.
????I have your son and to get him alive you’ll have to follow my instructions.
I threatened.
????Wow siz, I guess you have done something with your brain. But don’t you think you used your brain wrongly. Honestly you took the wrong kid. Don’t worry I have your boss, or your husband. I don’t care who he is to you. You don’t have someone to help you. One more thing don’t lay a finger on him because I left my patience and heart in Europe.
????Are trying to threaten me?
????Depends on how you take it.
‘Lily please don’t harm that baby, I have helped you it’s time you help me.’

I checked the caller again and it was Sofia but that was the bosses voice.
????If you still have a brain use it wisely.
She said and hanged up.
I went outside but on opening the door I met Harry and not the boys.
I reached out for my gun but it didn’t have bullets.
Harry laughed dryly and walked past me into the house.
‘Boys,’ I yelled but no-one came.
‘I dealt with them. Just give me my son and I leave but if you want it the hard way, I promise you you’ll get it,’ he said as he sat on the couch.

Sofia’s POV
After I lost track of the car I called Harry and informed him. Both Roy and Reid have tracking devices. That was their grandma’s idea back in Europe.
After checking it showed where he was and Harry knew the owner of the gang. It was simple Harry called him and after he came he abducted him. I didn’t know he was this dangerous. Harry went to get Roy while I and Diana watched over him.
I wasn’t threatened when Lily called.
Harry’s POV
Lily is just a cockroach. She walked upstairs and I followed her. Everything was fine until she picked a knife and pointed it on my son. I felt my madness being activated.
‘Don’t come near or I stab him to death,’ she threatened but I wasn’t scared. I moved to her back and got hold of her. She wanted to stab me but I missed and it stabbed her arm. I got the handkerchief I had and placed it on her nose. She fought for a while until the drug worked. I carried my son to the car and came back for her. I drove to where Sofia were and we placed the two idiots together. Taking then to the police is out of question because they will run away.
‘Take care of your woman. You are officially married no need for expensive stuffs,’ I said to him and we left, that was after I placed people to guard them.
The door can’t even be broken so they will be there for as long us I want.

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