August 1, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 19

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“Get off her!”
Felix screamed giving the dude a brutal punch behind his right ear which almost sent him crashing on the tiled floor. However, he managed to regain his balance and then ran out of the room ASAP.

Felix was only focused on the young lady to know if she is okay,

“Are you okay?” He asked affectionately

She nodded as a reply and just as he turned to face the Devil, he was no where to be found.

He called the security immediately and informed them of the incidence . It was unfortunate that that devil’s incarnate escaped before the news got to them.

Nevertheless, Felix returned to her ward. She was sobbing just as she always does. He sat beside her glaring at her without knowing the best words to put together in order to make her quit her emotional fear or pains which ever it may be.

“Please i have told you time without number to stop crying, you are too beautiful to be crying like this. Everything will be alright soon.” He managed to say with conviction.

She didn’t reply him nor quit crying, she only fixed her vision on him and that is making his heart to rigmaroll.

Was she not the one that was pleading sorrowfully to that idiot who had tried to inject her moments ago? What then is wrong for her to give up a single word for him. He is ever willing to bear her problem with her and to be her strength in her weakness. He was abruptly willing to help her go through every thing till she is sound and okay but how is he going to accomplish that if she kept on being quiet to him?

Soon a nurse walked in with a paper and pen.

“Sir. Felix i am sorry for what happened earlier. Its quite unfortunate that the security men weren’t able to get him.” The nurse said kindly

“I was greatly terrified, what if i didn’t arrive on time? What if he had injected her? What will be my fate” He stuttered

“I am sorry for that, well thank God for bringing you here the very right and perfect time. That’s one good quality of a perfect person” The nurse said and he blushed stylshly.

“Have any one else asked about her?” He asked


“Okay, i will go get her a breakfast” Felix said.

As he tried getting up from the Bed, the Lady held his left hand tightly. “Please don’t go, please don’t leave me alone”
she pleaded.

Felix couldn’t believe his ears. The young lady spoke to him, yes she did. He had heard her voice which were to match with that of an Angel. His heart began to sumersault with happiness and Joy.

“If that’s what will make you happy, i won’t leave you, i will stay right here beside you.” He blurted and watched her forced a little smile out of her lips.

Her smile was priceless. It is more costly than Gold and more precious than silver. Only a little smile melted his heart , what if she laughed, he will definitely go Gaga.

The nursed asked her some questions and she replied all. It was from their conversion that he got to know that her name is Mercy. He pleaded with the nurse to prepare a breakfast for the patient and she accepted. Felix fed her silently after the food had arrived and she ate with out resistance.

“Mercy is your name right?”
He asked trying to start up a conversation with her. Its obvious he was anxious to hear her angelic voice again. She just nodded as a reply

“Wow , that’s a nice name. It will definitely suit my first daugther so she will be as pretty as you are” He blurted.

It was meant to make her happy and smile and just as he wished, she beamed at him.

“Thank you.” She said soon, she was done eating, the room was silent with both of then staring at each other.

“What’s your name?” She asked

“I am Felix” He replied

“Are you from this area?”
He added

“Not actually, i am from Nakuru but leaves here in Mombasa.” She replied

“How about your family, are they living here too? How can i contact any of them?” He inquired

Her face deformed to be looking mournful as she replied dryly.

“I lost them”

Tears dropped from her eyes the moment she let out her reply.

Felix was sympathetically sorry for her.

“You mean you have no family at hand?” He asked curiously and she nodded.

“Tell me, what really happened?” He requested.

By now , the drop of tear has become a stream flowing down her cheek. He wiped them away with his hand and then placed her head on his thigh. Just as she opened up her mouth to answer his question, the Doctor came in with a nurse who pushed a wheel chair inside.

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The Power Of Love. Episode 20
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