August 3, 2021

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The Power Of Love. Episode 20

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The Power Of Love. Episode 19

????????????THE POWER OF LOVE ????????????
????????♥️Episode 20♥️????????

——— Felix spent all the day with Mercy in the Hospital.
When he was about to leave in the evening, he stood to leave but Mercy refused by grabbing his right hand.

“Where are you going?” She asked sitting up from the bed

“I want to go home and … ” He tried answering but she interrupted him by dragging him to the bed and holding him tightly.

“You promised you will be here beside me, why did you now want to go. I am scared he might come back again” She stuttered

“I want to take my bath at home and also prepare for tomorrow’s church service.”

“You can always take your bath at the hospitals bath room.” She said.

“Okay , i will do that for you” He said smiling at her.

The room became silent and she was still holding him tightly as if he was going to escape.

“Can you now tell me what happened to you and your family?” He requested after several minutes of silent.

“Its very sad . I can’t forgive myself. It was all my fault”.
She complained

“What did you mean by that?” he asked curiously.

“Maybe if i did not allow myself to fall for Frank Morgan, i wouldnt have loose my family in cold blood

“I am very confuse, what happened between you and Frank Morgan?” He inquired.

She took her hands off him and adjusted before replying him.

“I am from Nakuru.” She started “But lives here in Mombasa with my family. After graduating from college, there was no money to send me to university so i started working. I found a Job as a cocktail waitress in La-kruz bar. It was there i met the handsome rich and famous Dude Frank Morgan. After serving his drink he requested i should stay and talk with him but that was against the rule of the bar so i bluntly refused. The next day he told me he liked me and that he will like to spend some time with me. Those words are magical. Tell me what kind of lady that wouldnt fall for him after his confession? I accept to go with him on a date and there he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was definitely the greatest mistake i have ever made”.

“So what happened, you are putting me in suspense” He urged her on curiously.

“He was so good at the start that he helped settled our landlord who was hammering he is going to kick us off his house. i felt indebted to him so i decided to love him with all my heart but then he began to hurt and cheat on me. He wants me to remain in his house as a s*x machine while he flirt with other ladies. The worst is that he never wanted to introduce me to his family or planned on having any future with me. I cried my self to bed every night hoping he will one day change but all were illusion. I can’t just waste my life like that so i decided to leave him. To my greatest surprise. He never wants me to leave him.”

Tears dropped from her eyes as her memory flashed back to the past event.


“And where did you think you are going!” Frank thundered after he sauntered the bed room to see her packing her belongings into her travelling bag. She was weeping bitterly out of heartbreak.

“I am going back to my parents in Mombasa. I am tired of waiting for you. You will never change.” He said with voice full of sorrow.

She caught him sleeping with the housemaid earlier. He didn’t even wait for her to return from the spa. She has done her best to make herself beautiful and s*xy for him but sadly she met a super heartbreak on entering the house. She saw him doing it with the maid right in the sitting room.

“I thought i have apologized?” He asked calmly coming closer to her

“Yes you have. And that’s always your hobby.” she groaned

“Look Mercy, i won’t let you leave me because if you do, my life will become empty. No lady have ever satisfied me in bed like you does” He pleaded and that made her cry more.

That was to say that he was with her only for the Bed service and nothing else.

“Which means you have no future plans for me. Frank look, i am not a s*x dull , i am a human being.”

“I did not call you a s*x dull. Did i?”

“Your aptitude towards me is saying so. Its over between us Frank” she yelled dragging the bag towards the door.

“Look lady, i am not joking. You are not leaving this house i mean it!” He exclaimed as he held the bag and dragged it with her.

“Will you leave this bag and let me go!” she screamed

“Never will i!” He barked out too.

After dragging the bag with him fruitlessly she decide to leave without the bag. She left the bag and penetrated towards the door. He ran after her and held her left hand.

“Mercy i said you are not leaving this house until i say so!” He fired.

“Leave me alone!” she gave him an arrogant slap with her other free hand and that made him see red. With anger, he pushed her violently and she hit her head on the hard wall and the day light faded off her view.

– chai! – to be continued. I

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The Power Of Love. Episode 19

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