August 2, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 7

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The V Stripper.

Episode 7


Three Days Later.

By tomorrow , he will be taking my flower and I will be getting the money from him. I can’t wait to see my sister.

I’ve really missed her so much. I picked up my phone and put a call across to her.

“Hello Reil!”

“Sister.” She called sullenly. I knew at once that something is wrong with the way she responded.

“What’s the matter Reil?”

“I’m not fine. ”

“I know ,what happened?”

“Our landlord came to ask for his money yesterday and I told him…” She sniffed.

“I’m listening. ” I said curiously.

She kept sniffing again. “Why are your crying Reil? Did he embarrass you or something?”

“He tried to molest me.”


“Did he sleep with you?”

“He almost did but I was able to escape.”

“This is not happening. Where are you now?”

“My friend’s place. Since you said you will be getting the money to pay him by tomorrow ,I decided not to bother you ”

“You should have told me nevertheless.” I said and began to curse for that stupid landlord.

I will crush his skull whenever I set my eye on him.

“Bare me with Reil, I would be done by tomorrow ,alright?”

“Alright sister.” She replied almost silently and I hung up.

My heart became really heavy and I felt so sad that my sister is having to go through that molestation just because of money.

The money I’m about to get from Stone should really set a new path for my sister and I.

I heard a knock on my door and I hurriedly cleaned the tears that had being pouring off my face already.

On getting to the door ,I twisted the knob and saw Stone.

“I overheard the conversation you had with your sister ” He said as he walked inside the room majestically.

“Mr. Stone, do I have my privacy in this house?”

“Your privacy? I guess not. ” He smirked as he walked around the room proudly. “Maybe after you have left my house.”

“Your house? Fine. I see why you keep inclining your ear to every single conversation I make.”

“I have to. ” He said as he leaned on the wall.

“I will ask this question again Jennifer. What if after I made a very hot love with you , you still ended up not getting the money from me, what would you do?”

“I do not think you should be thinking of what I would do. Why not rather think of paying me off.”

“That is it . And what if I didn’t?”

“I won’t like to threaten you sir but I want to believe it will be best of you to pay ” I said.

He giggled sarcastically as he walked out.

I sighed and fell to the bed.

Is he planning not to pay?

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