August 1, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 137

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He And Her V.


Episode 137




I looked into the face of Tucker and smiled. I walked to him and stood very close to him.


“I believed we have done the D.N.A text for our daughter before ,why are you persistent in having it done again?”


“I choose too.”


“No , you have a special reason for that. I know someone made you doubt the fact that my daughter is not yours.” I said to him.


“Whatever the case is , I want to perform the D.N.A text again.” Tucker insisted.


“Fine ,which hospital are we using? ”


“You do not have to worry about that.”


“I think I should worry. Since you still doubt the fact that she is not your daughter, I can’t trust her fully with you. ” I scoff.

“I need to know which of the hospitals you are taking her too?”


“So you can kill the doc…” He paused and looked away.


“I killed your doctor right? ” I smirked. “You only thought I killed. I never did. Or…did you perhaps have a proof?”


“Let’s leave that talk. Where is Joy?” He asked.


“Wait! please.” I said and

called my nanny that had taken Joy out.


“Please bring Joy home ,her dad needs to get somewhere with her.” I said to the nanny through the phone.


I hung up and went to sit outside. Tucker leaned by the car while waving his car keys.


About few minutes later, My nanny came around with Joy.


I hugged Joy happily and we walked hand to hand to meet Tucker. We all stepped inside the  car while Tucker drove .


I wonder which of the hospital he is taking us too.


“Now that you have

killed everyone who tried to stand in your way, I think you should expect Karma to catch up on you very soon.” Tucker said while driving while I just smiled.


On getting to the hospital , she took my daughter to the doctor for the text while I sit in the patients seat.


About three hours later he came around with a file.


I crossed my leg and watched him intently with a smile.


“How is it?” I asked.


“The child isn’t mine.” He said to me and I began to laugh.


“Yeah ,the child does not belong to you. I’m just jealous of Camilla. You are very handsome and rich and I need you in my life plus you took my flower.”


“I want a divorce.”


“You must be joking. Common Tucker! Stop acting like a kid. Camilla and her baby are dead. We can live peacefully and…you know, you have no reason to be scared or unsecured. Plus how did you plan on winning me in court? Or…prolly with this result” I laughed.


“I’m suing for divorcé.” He said as he walked away angrily from me.


“Aw…too late to know dear Tucker. Camilla is gone ,it’s just you and I and trust me …I’ll try all my best to ensure we end up together ” I laughed.

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