June 12, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 66

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.



Episode 66


^ Rachael ^


I stepped down from the taxi that I had taken home and walked inside



I can’t wait to gist my sister on how the boss kissed me two more times.


“Welcome baby.” My sister greeted me while cleaning the dinning table.


“Well done sister. Guess what happened at work today?”


“ERM…he fired you again?”


“Oh no! He kissed me twice.”


“Are you joking?” She shouted happily as she covered her wide opened mouth with her hands. “Like…the boss kissed you?”


“Yes ,he did.”


“That’s so incredible.” She blushed. “Did he confess the fact the he has feelings for you already?”



“No. He kept saying he hates me.”


“Hum! He hates you and he’s kissing you. Who in the world does that?”


I laughed. “He’s confused sincerely. Imagine him being jealous and sad cause I lied to him that his brother kissed me.”


“Huh? Did his brother kissed you for real?”


“I just said I lied.” I said and my sister crossed her heart.


“What’s that for?”


“Erm…I kind of like the boss’s brother.” My sister said to my surprise.


I threw my hand bag down and concentrated my full attention on her.


“Are you for real?”


“I’m serious but he likes you ,not me.”


I laughed. “Incredible. He has never even seen your real face. Who knows ,he might actually like you.”


“No, he won’t. He seems to be in love fully with you.”


“Common! Let’s orchestrate an event that will make the two of you meet ,then we will see if he would like you or not.”


“Hum! That sounds nice but I’m nervous ”


“Common! You did not have too.”



11 PM


My sister and I are at the club. I had invited the boss’s twin brother to come around and he had promised to come.


I knew he must be happy and thinking that I’m beginning to express my love for him. ”


About few minutes later ,someone tapped my shoulder gently and it turns out to be the boss’s brother.


“Hi!” I waved my hand.


“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” He said and look to my sister curiously.


“ERM…sir, meet my friend, her name is Blue. ” I turned to my sister. “Blue …meet my boyfriend.”


I could see a look of shock on my sister’s face and on turning to the boss’s brother ,he was happy ,probably because I referred to his as my boyfriend.


My sister lowered her head shyly.


“Nice meeting you.” The boss’s brother said and stretched his hand to shake my sister.


She received it gently.


“It’s sad your friend is not as beautiful as you are.” He whispered into my ear ,but I believed my sister heard.


My sister ran away shamefully from the scene.

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