June 11, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 8

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 8

^Stone ^

Today is one of the days that my father gets to engage in an official meeting with the palace officials.

As a prince and heir to the throne ,I must be present. My personal bodyguard, Young Po had just finished dressing for me.

With my sword in my hand , I went to the palace. I met other officials standing and I greeted them all with a slight bow of my head.

The king was yet to arrive and we all stood in honor and anticipation of my father.

About two minutes later. He walked in and everyone lowered their head as we all echoed; “Live Long ,the king. ”

“Welcome .” He said while sitting. “Today is another fateful day where we had gathered to discuss the issues about my governance. Before I tell Hae Mo Su to read out our subjects of discussions today , it’s Paramount to start by talking about the kingdom of Guryeo.” My father said.

He faced me and I concentrated my full attention on him. “The princess of Guryeo came to the palace last week and stayed with the Queen for a while before she left, I believed the queen let her see you?”

“Yes,my Lord.” I answered.

“Good. And… Have you decided to take her as your wife?”

“Father! …ERM!” While I was struggling for what to say , a messenger of the king barged in and lay bare flat to the floor saying; “Forgive me ,my Lord. But a messenger of the Guryeo kingdom had come. I was trying to beseech him to wait while you finish the meeting with the officials but he refused. ”

“Let him in.” My father commanded and the Guryeo messenger walked in.

He’s dressed in a red regalia , he’s got beards and his walking posture was fierce.

“Live long !” He greeted with a faint bow of his head. “The king of Guryeo had sent me to present this letter to you. He told me that you must read the letter before me and hear your response before I leave.” He said and I walked to him and collected the letter according to protocol.

I held the scroll and lowered my head before father waiting for him to give me order to read the letter out loud to him and all officials.

“Read.” My father said.

I opened the scroll and read; “King Geum Wa , why did you allow your son disgrace my daughter. You should have spoken well with him before you allow me to send my daughter over there. My daughter said he never received him and you know what will happen if he didn’t. I’m giving you the last warning…When next should I send my daughter?”

I raised my head after reading the whole content in the scroll.

My father looked at my face with no expression. I do expect him to be angry, though.

“Why did you reject his daughter? ”


“Father ,what?” The king shouted.

“Put in prison ,I did not want to see him.”He commanded the guards and they came around me.

” Father ,Father!” I called but he only turned deaf ears.

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  1. Correct, u too should know how it feels,. Next will be flogging u in the market square. Nonsense prince with no brain

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