July 29, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 139

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He And Her V.


Episode 139




I blinked tears from my eye as I watched Camilla drove out of the house. I will really miss her but I do hope that all this will be over very soon.


I went inside and sat at the biggest chair in the living room. I rested my head to the chair while thinking of how Grace will finally leave my house now that the truth is unveiled.


It has always being the dream of Camilla and I to live peaceful together and I believe it will be happening soon


The door flings open about an hour later and I needed no one to tell me that it was Grace. The steps confirmed it all.


She came to where I sat and placed her two hands on my chest. She robbed it softly and I removed her hands angrily from it.


“What’s that for?” I yelled angrily at her.


“Is it a bad thing for me to touch my husband?”


“Husband? See woman ! You are only forcing yourself on me and only a Sl-ut does that. ”


“Oh!” She furrowed her brow as she went to sit. “Well, what do you want me to do?”


“Leave my house ,leave my life.”


“No Tucker. I love you so much that I can not let you stay alone in this house. My daughter needs a father and you can assume responsibility over her ,it’s no big deal.”


“Firstly, It’s none  of your business If I’m lonely or not. Even when I’m with you ,I feel lonely so don’t feel like you are important to me. ” I said and she hummed. “And for your daughter , It’s best if you find her real father and take her to him. I forbid it that I will ever assume responsibility over a child that is never mine.” I said and stood.


“I don’t want to continue talking to you ,it’s so irritating sitting down and conversing with you. I’m filing for divorce.” I said and walked away from her.

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