August 5, 2021

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Never knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 68

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.



Episode 68




It was very early in the morning and I had resumed work. I sat at the office operating on the system.


The boss entered about few minutes later and I was so lost in what I was doing that I didn’t know I never opened my mouth to greet him.


” Are you now too poor to greet or what in the world is wrong with you?”


I raised my head and realized that I never greeted him.


“Oh! Sorry.” I said and lowered my head and continued working.


I was trying to keep up with something on the work.


“Has this girl gone crazy?” I heard him say. I perceived him walked to me and he picked my handbag and threw it to the floor.


I raised my head to him and I saw his angry face heightened into surprise like he actually saw something fall off my bag .


He walked sullenly to where the stuffs in my bag scattered too and I peeked at it and found out that the car keys he bought for the ‘beautiful me’ was among what was scattered to the floor.


He must have seeing it ,I watched as he bent sullenly to pick it and I ran hurriedly there to pick it before he could.


He was astonished and looked at my face. “Where did you get that car key from?”


“It’s my private life sir.”


“That is not the question I ask. ”


“Excuse me sir, The car is for my sister and …please!” I said and went to sit.


He touched his pocket to feel his phone and he removed it and began to dial a number.


Just as I guess ,he was calling the ‘beautiful me.’


“I need to ease myself sir.” I told him and he just shot me an angry look while still placing the phone by his ear.


I stood and walked outside while shivering like I would piss on myself anytime soon.


I hurriedly went to the bathroom and brought out the phone that has the line of the beautiful me inside.


Just as I was about to pick it ,the call got hung.




I hoped that he put a call across again and in about few minutes later ,his call came through.


“Hello dear.” He said.


“It’s being a while you call me. Any problem?”


“Common dear ,I’m just…ERM…how about the car I got for you?”


“Oh! Now I know why you are asking me silly questions. Do you want it back?”


“I’m not someone like that dear. Was the car stolen?”


“What do you mean by that? Do you mean to say I can not manage the car just because I’m not as rich as you are ?”


“Not that way…just that? ….ERM…I saw your car keys in someone’s custody and she claims to be your sister.”


“My sister!” I said and ¬†perceived the steps of someone right outside the toilet.


I opened the door slightly with the phone by my ear to see whom the person is and I saw the boss at the entrance with phone still on his ear.


Has he found out already?

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2 thoughts on “Never knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 68

  1. I swear both the boss and Rachel are phsyco I swear…interesting I just pray the boss should swallow his pride in good time before she changes her mind.kudp to the author but pls be updating two episodes per day????????????????????

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