June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 140

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He And Her V.

Written by Feathers.

Episode 140


I sat before my lawyer at the office. “Good morning Mr. Tucker, how do you do?”

‘Fine, I’m filing for divorce.” I went straight to the main point.

“Oh! ”

“Don’t be astonished. The daughter that Grace claimed to be mine is not mine and she confirmed it. ”

“Surprising. I believed you have the original result of the D.N.A text you just did to confirm?”


“Good. I need you to record her, confirming it. Just try to play with her and get her to confessing and affirming that the baby isn’t yours. With that , we would win the case flawlessly. ”

“I should be able to do that.” I said and nodded.

The lawyer and I exchanged few more words after which I stood ,shook the doctor and walked out.


On arriving home ,I saw Grace who seems to be going out.

I felt like asking where she is going to but I ignored and took few steps to walk inside when she suddenly called my name. “Tucker.”

I turned to her with a very stern face.

“You really want this divorce ,right?” She asked and I smirked.

“That’s the only thing that can make me happy.”

She walked up to me. “I’ve being meaning to ask. You are not talking about Camilla’s burial?”

“Excuse me! You killed both mother and child…I think you should be the best to know more about their burial. ”

“Common Tucker ,I never killed them.” She said and turned to the left.

She looked to me and said: “What’s your plan after divorcing me?”

“Happiness. I’ll be happy that nothing is attaching you evil and I together again. ”

“Hum! I’m evil because I dealt with everyone that stood in my way of loving you.”

I brought out my phone and set it on record without she knowing. I placed it back in my pocket and pretended like I would cry.

“What !” She asked as she looked passionately inside my face.

“I missed Camilla.” I said.

“Same here , I wish…I really do wish that I be the reason why she’s not alive anymore but I had to do something. I’m sorry.” She said and lowered her head.

Good! She has said the first thing I needed her to say.

“But Grace ,this child of yours is never mine ,the D.N.A text confirmed it ,why did you had to lie in the court of law that the child is mine. You even lias with the doctor to give me a fake D.N.A result. This is not fair. ”

“I know. ”

Damn it! That is not what I really needed her to say.

“You know what?”

“That Joy isn’t your child and that it’s not fair but I love you….I do…I seriously do.” She yelled. “I can’t help it. I did crazy things all because I loved you.” She cried.

I kept looking at her without expressing any emotions. I brought out my phone and saved the record.

Good! Let me see how she will win the case with this?

I can’t just wait for my dear Camilla and I to start to live together.L

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