June 12, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 9

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 9

Written by O.S Feathers.


I was tortured and embarrassed at the town square right at the center of the marketers. And worst of it all ,my siblings watched me while being seriously dealt with by the soldiers.

I was being dragged by the palace soldiers back to the palace. I was in chains and walking on foot while they were on horses.

A soldier came running on horse with full speed towards us and slowed down on approaching us.

“The prince had being arrested by the king.” He said and the soldiers exchanged glances in surprise.

We all went back to the palace without anyone having to exchange words.

I was wondering why a whole Prince would be arrested. What could he have done? Only the king definitely has the power to arrest him which implies that an issue must have arose between he and his father.

On arriving at the palace ,I was taken to the prison and my prison happened to be right before prince Dae So’s prison.

His head was lowered and he probably hasn’t noticed that our cell was opposite each other.

I walked to the locked gate of my cell and held the metallic gate. “Wickedness!”

He raised his head and I could see a look of utmost surprise on his face.

“You! What…” He thought for a while and kept mute.

“Didn’t you tell them to deal with me mercilessly at the market square,right before my mother and my sister? They didn’t stop at that. They jailed my mother and my sister and now , I’m in cell too.” I said and smirked. “What a wicked Prince.”

He just sat peeking into my face without saying any word.

“Father had locked me inside here .” He muttered under his breath softly but I heard.

“What have you done?”

“Cause I refused …It’s none of your business .” He said and grinded his teeth wickedly. “Your mother will watch you suffer under me daily. I will appoint your sister as the head of the palace maiden and your mother as the head of the palace maternity department. Isn’t that fair?” He grinned.

“I don’t care even if you want to make my mother a queen and my sister a princess. They are not ready to come back to this palace and …leave them,please.”

He laughed …he laughed the more. His voice became louder and he kept quiet all of a sudden.

“I just need to get out of this horrible place and watch what I will do for them if they do not oblige to my command.”

I smirked. “Can you release me from here?”

“Why should I?” He asked. “I like seeing you before me ” He laughed and I sighed and went to sit.

Two guards came all of a sudden and turned to my cell. They opened the cell and brought me out.

“Why did you take her out? Have I commanded that she be released?” He yelled angrily.

“The king has ordered us to bring her?” One of the soldiers answered with a slight bow.

“The king?” He muttered with fear obviously glaring on his face.

He came to look at my face and I quickly looked away.

The king! How did he know me? What did he want from me?

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