July 31, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 69

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 69

^Rachael ^

I looked into his face in fear with the phone shaking by my ear.

“You!” He said pointing at me and I knew at once that he must have found out.

My heart began to beat faster in fear. Even if he would ,not at a time like this and not in a place like this.

“You said you are coming here to ease yourself but…” He said looking deeply into my face as if observing something. “You are here making call.”

His last words doesn’t sound to me like he had find out that I was the one speaking with him on a phone .

“I received a call while I was easing myself and…” I tried to blend with what he was saying but paused smartly. I don’t want to talk too much so I would not get myself casted easily.

“Hey ,baby sorry.” He said through the phone and I could hear him clearly on my phone that was still by my ear.

I brought the phone down from my ear slowly and looked at it while trying to use my thumb to hang up.

He snatched it all of a sudden and fear gripped me hard.

“Ouch! ” I touched my stomach so he can focus on me and ignore the phone.

But to my surprise. He ignored me instead and began to check the phone.

I had saved his number with ‘Cc’

He looked into my face and asked: “Who is Cc?”

I sighed ,feeling a bit relaxed that I haven’t being casted yet.

‘My friend.”

“Your friend! What’s so important that you even picked it inside the toilet?’

” Sir ,I should have my privacy here please. I know when a call is urgent. Please give me my phone back.” I said and tried to collect my phone from him but he wouldn’t let me.

“Something is not right.” He said and checked the screen of his phone for whatever.

“I’m calling this number, though?” He said and I furrowed my brow.

Once he put a call through to that number of his that I saved with ‘Cc’ , his phone will definitely ring and I would be casted.

My days! I need to do something fast.

He looked at me ,then to the phone. He dialed the number on my phone and his phone began to ring. He looked at his phone surprisingly to see whom the caller is.

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