July 28, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 1 And 2

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Nicole. Episode 3 And 4

Nicole’s POV
I picked the clock on the table beside my bed and threw it down. Can’t it be silent, just when am about to sleep after the long night it starts to ring. Just then I heard that voice.
‘Nic, you’ll tell me if in your world it’s still at night,’ she shouted and I dragged my lazy self to the bathroom. I relaxed myself in the Jacuzzi as the cold water did wonders on my body. I came out minutes later and opted for a white short and a blue crop top.
I let my hair free and applied lip gloss.
I’m Nicole Milan, 23years old. I stay with my aunt, my moms sister. My mom passed away on my eighteenth birthday and that man who calls himself my father got married.
How can a man go and stay with a woman who does everything for him.
Sometimes I think that woman did some witchcraft on him.
He can’t make his own decisions.
That’s all you need to know for now.
I walked downstairs and met my aunt seated on someone’s lap being fed. My aunt is almost forty but behaves like a teenage girl who got herself a boyfriend.
I walked past her and picked my food.
I’m not in the mood for her drama, it’s to early and I have a shooting at 10.
I was walking upstairs when she stopped me.
‘Come and eat with us,’ she said and for the first time in so many years my aunt’s voice was gentle and she even smiled.
‘I have a shooting and I need to prepare, I’ll have breakfast in my room,’ I said and smiled back.
‘Baby, let her go,’ that man said like I asked him to talk.
‘You can go,’ my aunt said and I walked to my room.
I placed the food on the table and threw myself on the bed before picking my phone.
I got missed calls from my manager and I called him back.
????Good morning.
????What is good about this morning?
He asked angrily like am his wife who refused to satisfy him.
????I have enough problems don’t add me more.
????Why did you leave yesterday before the shooting ended?
????I was done shooting and as far as I know am not related to anyone so I wasn’t waiting for anyone.
????There was a party for the models who were there.
????I don’t care.
????You are unbelievable.
????I know, have a wonderful night.
I said and hanged up.

Nicole’s POV
I know I should say wonderful day but he’s just to much.
I would have fired him but I don’t want issues with my aunt.
I kept the phone in my handbag and started eating my breakfast.
After breakfast I carried the dishes to the kitchen and met Maryann our cook.
She is a great woman in the mid forties and the only one who puts up with my drama.
I love her a lot.
‘Good morning,’ I said hugging her.
‘Morning my daughter, how was your night?’ she asked with a smile.
Sometimes I wish I can have a genuine smile like hers.
‘As always with nightmares,’ I said helping her in washing the dishes.
‘One day everything will be fine,’ she said.
‘Is that your normal say. You tell me that everyday,’ I said and she patted my back.
After washing the dishes I wiped my hands.
‘Bye, I have a shooting, see you in the evening,’ I said and she hugged me again.
‘Have a wonderful time and don’t be too hard on them,’
I smiled and left the kitchen to my room.
I took another shower and wore a blue floral dress. I took my black purse and black high heeled shoes. I tied my hair in ponytail and did a light makeup on. Satisfied with my looks I locked my door and walked downstairs.
My aunt were watching a movie when I got there.
‘Aunt am off,’ I said walking out.
‘Take care of yourself,’ she shouted behind me and I had to stop to confirm if o heard well. Since when did my aunt start to care.
Even if they call her that am dead, she would the people a favour by digging my grave by herself.
I took my sports car and drove away. I don’t joke with driving thank God am using the highway. I got to the venue thirty minutes earlier and my so called manager hasn’t arrived.
I was taken to the changing room and the workers kept on murmuring as I walked. I was busy on my phone and after a while the artist stopped her work.
I looked up and our eyes met.
I looked back at the artist and she seemed afraid.
I can’t fear my fellow human being maybe if she’s from a different planet.
‘Go on with your work,’ I said sternly and took my eyes back to my phone.
She needs to complete working on my hair.
‘Don’t you see I have arrived?’ Megan asked angrily.
‘So what am I supposed to do, lick your feet? I asked calmly.
‘I need respect, once I arrive everything stops to honour my arrival,’
Is this idiot even listening to herself.
I put my phone in my bag and poured the juice I had on her face and everyone gasped.
‘What the hell….,’
‘Give me a break, you said if you arrive everything stops. You didn’t expect me to continue holding the glass, it was heavy,’ I said with a smirk.
‘You’ll pay for this,’ she yelled and walked out.
I’m used to that threat.
This is the fourth time she told me that.

Nicole. Episode 3 And 4

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