August 2, 2021

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Six Days With A Bad Girl. Episode 23

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???? Six Days With A Bad Girl ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 23

Romeo POV

Today was tiring, and unexpected ..

I got home but strangely the whole house was quiet like a grave yard

I searched everywhere but Julie wasn’t in
Where could she had gone??
Let me just rush up and take my bath before I can know what to do

I took the stairs to my room as I dumped the brief case on my bed lazily
Pulled off my clothes before entering the jacuzzi

I let out a sigh of relief as the warm water embraced my skin

After the spirit lifting bath I came downstairs clad in shorts and a white denim shirt

Am so hungry,since I can’t cook I placed a order for two box of pizza

Julie POV

Gush it’s so long I had fun like this, trouble maker park is the bomb

Swears I don’t mind coming to the park everyday it’s not as if I have anything doing besides we will be leaving for LA in two days time

I arrived home in no time

I didn’t know I had spent so much time at the park it’s almost 7pm

What tha heck Romeo must be back now

Shit I didn’t cook before leaving the house,he is gonna be very angry

I walked quietly in to the living room there he was munching on a box of pizza and watching TV too

He stopped eating when. He saw me

But didn’t say anything

“Hey “I said seating on the next couch

“Hey” he replied not looking at me

“Where were you today Julie?” He asked

“Actually I went out to have some fun luckily I made new friends” i said happily

“Oh I see that’s cool” he said nonchalantly

“Am so sorry I forgot to cook before leaving the house” I pleaded but he didn’t say a word he just focused on the TV

I know he is angry but he doesn’t wanna show it

“Clause came in,we won’t be going in two days time but in a month or two” he said
Still not looking at me

” What why ??” I said

“Don’t know don’t care” answered with somuch sarcasm


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